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Why aren't you scared of me?
Why do you care for me?
The endless cawing of gulls and and crashing sound of waves provided a peaceful sort of ambiance like a type of white noise drifting him into quiet meditation. Salty sea air ruffled the inky strands of his bone straight mane, leaving it to billow and swirl in certain spots. Lavender eyes blink once as the phantom tilts his head thoughtfully. Cradled carefully within his talons was a beautifully carved wooden figurine, sanded and polished so that it looked like a gem in its own right. The mahogany trinket looked much like himself with broad wings and long swiping hair. Laying beside him happened to be a letter written upon beautiful parchment once sealed with a single cerulean ribbon.

A letter and gift. They both had come from none other than Caelian. The freckled young stallion that had once ruled the lands of ambrosia. For a moment Nevermore spent his time twisting the mini version of him around, looking at it from every angel as he allowed himself to let go and forgive Caelian of how he wronged him in the past. The heartfelt apology left behind in the letter was a testament of just how sorry the stallion must have felt after coming to his senses. There were even several wrinkles in the parchment. Perhaps they were tears that previously fell upon the page and dried up.

Thick amethyst brume wafted from his nares as he took a moment to place the little figurine within the sand, setting it upright. Lifting his gaze to the sunset beyond he watched the flock of gulls dive eagerly for their dinner below the ocean waves. I forgive you, my friend... If there was one regret he had, it was that he wished he could have told him in person. Perhaps then, he would not feel so conflicted with the people of former ambrosius. He knew they were only following orders but part of him still could not ignore the way they acted as if none of the previous abuse had happened.

Every smile and welcoming conversation felt like a slap to the face. Maybe...if Caelian were still here he could have set things right. But a new leader sat upon his throne and it was up to him to pull himself out of his haunted past and take the first step into the light. Perhaps it is time I moved on.

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Bones of


Staying in one place could become tiresome. Especially to the misfit king who knew of the responsibilities upon his muscular shoulders and took them all on with a smile. (Now that he could smile, that is.) However even someone as married to his job as the Baron of Esentu still needed a break. And sometimes that break involved a little bit of trespassing. From his time at the meeting he had assessed that the leaders were the same and it seemed a good a time as any to meet with Antiope again. He was unsure if she would remember him as he deemed himself not particularly memorable. His assumption that Fimbulvetr had been home to more walking skeletons than he was deeply flawed.

The beach was a welcome break from the plumes of smoke and glowing lava. While both coasts had water this was far more peaceful. Bones closed his eyes, allowing the winds to tug his heavy locks of hair into the air. The salted breeze stung his nostrils causing a twitch to run along his face. "Bram would like this." The misfit king whispered to himself as he opened his eyes to stare across the expanse of water.

He turned his head ready to continue on with his search only for his gaze to fall upon Nevermore. The expression on his face remained neutral despite the confusion ticking through his brain. Horse? Bird? He couldn't be sure. However the one thing he did know was that the curiosity was getting the better of him. Stepping forward the Baron of Esentu let out a quivering snort, tilted his head ever so slightly. "Hello."


Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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