I Am Become Death

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be swift!

Murmurs spread across the Valley. Earthquakes, natural disasters, calamity… it seemed an intregal part of their history and daily lives. Great winters, deaths to gods, and devastating landslides had attempted to cripple Slidr before. But never had they succeeded.

Now? Some weren’t so sure.

Panic is a more dangerous contagion than any physical sickness. More destructible than wildfire, it spread throughout the holds with each minor tremor. Some still held their heads, thought it was simply old, sleeping volcanos jostling in their sleep as nightmares plagued them, but their fearful brethren weren’t swayed by such incredulous claims. And they were not wrong to stand their ground, were not out of bounds to stare their fear in the eye and acknowledge its existence. The tremors strengthened, quaking the mountain forests. Isolated landslides trickled throughout the West, snow fell from peaks to the North, and the East’s Skali Mountain sputtered and choked on fresh, orange magma.

Once hard ground bucked beneath the hooves of sentries and threw them to the ground. Nonpartisans went missing as great chasms opened in the terra, dropping unbelievable distances beneath the surface. Autumn may have been the most picturesque in the Valley but these years leaves of crimson seemed to sing ill omens and dark fortunes, and even the mightiest of commanders found their wits phased.

It was a crisp morning when it happened. The Slidr River Valley attempted to live their lives waiting for the tremors to cease. They tried to return to a dull monotony to drown away their fears. Every tiny act, every daily task, was a silent please to the world to return to normal and spare them any other tragedy.

But Jörmungandr, the World Eater, heeded no mortals prayers.

This final trembling quake shook acres of land, from West to East, and North to South. Flocks of birds cried into the heavens as their silhouettes blackened the skies. Trees of the great Redwood tottered as their roots struggled to keep hold to the cracking earth. To the East, Skali shook the sands with a violence incomparable to any living exile’s memory. But it was to the coast of Vromme that the earth shattered. The Svartr Basalts buckled, columns of obsidian stone plummeting to the blackened sea as sand slipped into widening crevices. Salty sea waves threw blindly swept into the crag, consumed by gallons.

Through the chasm, movement. Not of the natural disasters blossoming across the south, but of organic, living sentience. A dome of water crested along the sea’s surface until the first knobbed ridges erupted through, gargantuan in size. Vromme’s holds groaned beneath the gargantuan weight of the beast that rose from the depths of the seas blocking out the golden rays of the sun as its coiling body emerged from the depths. From its fanged maw a purring growl escaped, so deep and behemoth the air shook the beads of water from its scales. Jörmungadr’s bronze gaze eyed the ants of equine gathering on shore. Their murmurs of astonishment, prayers to their ancestors, and screams of terror were lost to oblivion as the World Serpent tore its mouth asunder and let loose a thunderous roar.

Fenrir and Espen were of frightening breadth, but the there was no contest to Jömungandr’s namesake. Rivaling the Bifrost in breadth, every coiling inch that rose from the sea lowered it’s wake. The water receded from the shoreline, leaving fish abandoned across the damp sand and coral left exposed to the sun. But it was of little consequence.

Jörmungandr dove forward, jaws unhinged and gaping, and crashed through the beach of black sand.

Miles away, the Bifrost moaned in agony. Perhaps it felt the pain as the World Eater consumed mile after mile of Valley, serpentining through the territories like a dolphin or whale cresting the open ocean. It shook violently, shedding leaves and seed as it released a pulsation to rival that of Jörmungandr’s quakes. Every shred of arcane ability left in the ancient tree stretched out and through the Valley, grappling onto the very soul of every denizen and spoke, clearly, in the voice of millions all at once. ”To me.”

Something is happening! Jörmungandr is devouring the Valley from Ambrosius to Frekr! Heed the Bifrost's warning, collect your loved ones, and flee! To participate in this transition SWP you must respond to this thread. Branch off threads are not allowed until the conclusion.

All participants have until the August 10th to respond! The next act will begin August 11th.

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Bones of Vromme

Note: Bones is still a skeleton in this post.

It started with a rumble. Deep beneath them something moved, coiled like a spring full of tension. Waiting. Waiting. Bones could feel it in his pedal bones that were pressed so deeply into the dark sands. His orb flared to life as the earth began to split around him. His eerie golden gaze did it's best to cast a light across the chaos. He could hear the screams of those around him, some sucked down into nothingness and disappearing into the black. He found Bram. The misfit king took bold steps forward, fighting against nature as he pushed forward. "Bram!" He called but his voice was lost among the screams of shock and terror. The sovereign watched helplessly as the tips of Bram's broad antlers disappeared. No. The scream died in his nonexistent throat but the fear of others brought him back to the moment. The creature of illuminated bones reared upon his hind legs, an unholy screech rendered from his agape maw. The orb flared with a bright light, a beacon to those around him.

"RUN!" His command was deep and thundering like the very chaos around them. "GO. NOW." The skeleton landed, using his own inertia to propel him forward. Thrusting himself before some of his citizens he roughly shoved them away from the calamity. His own helplessness was beginning to set in as the bones that made up his body began to shiver. Summoning what little magic he could muster given the circumstances, massive bone pillars did their best to create bridges for the horses of Vromme to make their escape. As Bones himself turned to flee he could hear the splintering of the bone behind him and could only hope it had helped some of them.

There was nothing he could do for them now. He had pledged himself to them. Spoken to them. Told them he would protect them. He had failed them. There was nothing he could do against the colossal beast before them. The orb dimmed, flickering with uncertainty. "Father. He could hear Bram in his head, or perhaps he could hear him...a memory or reality. Whatever it was, Bones felt the beginning of confidence to trickle through him. The orb flared to light again, his body illuminating and glowing in the light. He was their beacon.

"FOLLOW ME." He roared over his shoulder at those still fleeing, his own legs moving as fast as they could carry him. He continued to use his magic where he could, creating blockades (futile and almost immediately destroyed) and bridges (not lasting longer than a few minutes). He would fight until he could go on no longer. He was their sovereign. And he would gladly die for them.


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"What do you think it is?" Even through the mental bond Evandr seemed strained, a man on the last thread of rope before the bridge snapped and fell.

"Nothing good." Zahhak's rumbling presence alleged, pressing his presence against the barriers of the Warden's mind as they both stood tall in the sweltering sun and watched as Skali wept orange tears. The drake wasn't one to gently press upon his bonded, and Evandr couldn't help but be reminded of his son pressinh against Aishe those moons ago before he lost them. It was a childhood habit, press against those closest, find security that you were not facing a fear alone.

Oceanic eyes tossed themselves towards the dragon, eyed the beast up and down, but Zahhak did not deter the stallion. Perhaps he knew it too. They were both afraid.

It came without warning. While the autumnal touch had offered some reprieve otherwise, the tremors served as a daily reminder that it was a small luxury. But this quake did little to stop. It only intensified, continuing to amp until his people were falling and the plateaus around them crashed into the cyan oasis below. Eventually it reined in, but never fully disappeared. The Warden, standing amongst fallen palms and shattered redstone called to his people, inquired to their safety, and listened to the choked, croaking sound off of those still alive.

"Warden, the volcano." Zahhak's message arrived with a swiftness and urgency that physically recoiled Evandr. Ripping his eyes from the flocks of birds now screaming and escaping overhead (inland birds... not of the desert), he let his hardened gaze fall onto Skali.

Mushroom clouds of smoke billowed, black as demon's hearts. It spread like an infection, blotting out the cerulean sun and white clouds, and for a moment he could only stand petrified. It was the shrieks of the women and children that broke his paralysis. Turning his back to the mountain Evandr faced whatever terror may lay to his rear. His heart immediately sunk, his mind blanked, and his oceanic eyes widened until crescents of white edged them. They were miles away from the lands of Vromme, despite an arguably shared border, but the beast that rose from the depths of the far off sea was large enough that it's silhouette, paled and blue with distance, still rose above the mountains. Around him panic erupted with Skali, children sobbed with fear, and bodies started running in whatever random direction they thought was safe.

"It's..." his lips croaked, "Jormungandr.", Zahhak finished for him. Air struggled to reach the Warden's lungs but he struggled with it as he turned, dazed and confused, back to his people. Even the palms, ferns, and aloe vera seemed to deafen his mind with their terrorized screams. Slowly it seemed his mind was no longer his own, but an empty cathedral for the wailing. But another voice tore through, ripped and muted the wailing until it seemed to wrap tendrils in a vice grip on his very core. It spoke a simple command, implanted a specific request, and was gone as quickly as it came.

For the first time Evandr felt composed, his breath quickened with determination. Through a veil of blackened forelock he threw his gaze to the southwest, beyond the World Eater, and to the Bifrost he knew laid in the farthest reaches. "TO ME! his voice bellowed, echoing the ancient tree's command. "FOLLOW ME!" he roared again, leaping into a full on gallop towards the point. The ground coverage between them and the Bifrost was, without contest, the longest. Days worth, if they could survive that long...

But they had to at least try.

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Lirr often wandered from home. Home... He'd never really had a home before and though he found one in Björn, old habits die hard. Like some kind of strange pigeon, he would go off on his own to explore the world little bits at a time, but seemed to always be able to find his way back home to his mate's warm embrace. It felt like everything was falling into place, life was his to hold. Was.

It wasn't long since he'd left for another one of his little adventures, having gone the distance south to the wet lands of Vromme, he was about as far away from his love as he could be besides the land of exiles. Little could anyone predict the terror that would shatter the very ground beneath their feet. This was no usual earthquake as confirmed by the serpant that drained the sea before diving through the dirt. The Valley seemed to be screaming in agony over top the wails of it's inhabitants. Chaos broke out around him as Vromme's citizens fled in terror, pushing and shoving. Lirr was no exception as he tried to follow the crowd to safety only to be shoved to the ground. As he tried to right himself, his terrified gaze locked into what looked like war. Death and bloody bodies, others were swallowed whole either by the beast in it's rampage or by the ground itself, taking them down with it. 

An unfamiliar voice range out, barely able to scratch through the turmoil as it demanded attention. Someone was trying to lead these poor people in all of this. With little other idea or choice in the matter, he scrambled back onto four hooves Be heaved himself up on all fours as he lurched forward. His own panicked thoughts became a numbing drone of uncertainty. He eyes lifted to the sky in a silent plead to the gods to stop all of this. Flocks of birds were swarmed in the sky like a cloud of dispair.

His eyes shot down to the ground, rather the lack there of as his next step couldn't find perch in the soil and he was sent lurching forward. Instinctively, his wings spread open, the long wing span catching air quickly quickly and he was able lift himself into the sky. Others around him weren't so lucky as their stories entered with a dash. This all seemed to come so abruptly, there were no warnings for all of this death. Not that he could see at least.

Even the air seemed to be vibrating and humming with all that was happening. Where were they all even supposed to be running too? What could possibly be considered safe in a moment like this? A voice chilled through his mind in what sense like a response. To me, it called to the world. It was strangely familiar, but it had been so long since he had been at the bifrost, why was it calling the citizens of slidr valley now? It was what had once trapped them in this land, was it letting them out now? Honestly, it didn't really matter, there wasn't exactly much choice in the situation than to head that way.
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arête spyridon

"for all the things that you're alive to feel"

She watches with veiled features while a foreign tingle of shame twitches along her spine. Why? An inner voice, long muffled by layers of pain, denial, and anger, rises to the surface in a gentle manner. A soft caress of the subconscious and a polite reminder of the woman she used to be; the woman she wanted to remain forever before that threshold into despair was crossed for the first time. A lump in her throat makes her voice weak, but it spills into the silence between them, ”Forgive me.” She speaks to the dark man and cerulean eyes trace the curves of a face carved from glaciers. The swishing of warmed water soothes the jagged edges in her mind, easing the increasing anxiety that revealing her deception will bring. Tell him. That calm tone brushes against frazzled thoughts and her lips once more part to fill the air.

A rumble shakes the cavern, dispelling the atmosphere and wrenching a shocked gasp from her. ”Tywin!” Her previously prepared confession flees in the wake of the unseen threat and she races to him, fearful of an earthquake suffocating them under fallen rock and dirt. Arete lurches forward, heart and mind screaming to ensure his safety, but a wave of crashing rock collapses between them and reveals a broken world above her. Shadowy wings unfurl, and she launches into the bird-darkened sky to circle above the springs, panicked eyes searching for any sign of him below or any flash of blood wings nearby. Spectral armor snaps into place without thought.

A spark of crimson falling from the heavens draws her away, she sees her target hovering above the shaking ground and immediately propels herself forward. Wings of smoke glide along his spiked back as she comes alongside him, a warning falling from velvet lips, ”We need to hurry. No heroics this time.” The words are sharp but not unkind; a quick wink to remove any sting from them. Not waiting for a response, she flares her wings wide and speeds towards the voice screaming out, ”To me!” The shaking tree looms in the distance and her flight path takes her over fractured ground and broken bodies.

Her own broken heart resonates with those who are no longer connected to this earth; the pain their loved once will feel.

She glances at Tywin periodically, both to reassure herself that they’ve not been separated and simply because his presence invades her every waking moment. He is healing you. That inner voice murmurs and she nearly stalls mid-flight in surprised recognition. Those fissures of her heart have grown smaller, a peculiar sensation of feeling more whole than she has in years flows through her. Arete turns her gaze on the man, azure soul-windows soft and open. She calls out to him, ”I’ve known you for some time.” The sentence pulls at those healing spots in her heart, but she will not lose what may prove to be the final opportunity to confess to him. She shifts to fly next to him again, the surrounding chaos forgotten. ”I was…ashamed.” A pause, a labored anxious breath. ”I remembered everything last month, I remembered you…but I was ashamed of myself for forgetting in the first place so I remained hidden away and I am unendingly remorseful.”

She scans glacial features once, before running her left wing across his neck followed by whispered words, ”If you can forgive me, it is more than I deserve.”

The ceaseless tremors grow closer and her gaze falls on the overwhelming presence of the monster destroying their home before resting on his. Even if death comes for me this day, I will find my way back to you. The thoughts are not verbalized at first, hesitance carves itself into every curvature, but emotion bubbles from somewhere deep within and they fall free, ”Even if death comes for me this day, I will find my way back to you.”

Another vicious quake sends shards of shattered trees spiraling into the air and she is forced to return her focus back to the pandemonium. Dodging the projectiles, she nears the Bifrost and immediately searches for a safe spot for them to land amongst those who have already arrived. Cerulean eyes spy a section marginally less disturbed than others and she shifts her wings to dip closer, before easing herself to the shaking terrain. What will we do now and what was that monstrous form surfing through the earth?


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It was not the trembling of the Earth that woke her, but the screams of anguish that followed. Tucked listlessly like a cradled child amongst tangled roots, shielded beneath gentle boughs of evergreen, she had slept as the dead might- thoughtless, long, and deep. Had it been days? Weeks? 

Confusion plagued her as she pushed to cramped hooves, nearly toppling as the deep pelt of soil shifted beneath her as waves on an ocean. From beyond the trees came a symphony of terror, of agonized shrieks and soulful wailing that struck into the very core of her, burning and cold all at once. Her heart lurched in her chest as the tree whose roots had sheltered her began to buckle and creak with the head-splitting sounds of destruction, splintering into ruin like a gunshot, scattering razored shards into the air like projectiles. Screaming as she lept from its wake, she felt the fresh cuts in her flesh begin to seep with gentle fervor, stark and faithless. 

What is it? What is it?

Her mind warped with fear and adrenaline as she bolted through the forest, her path hindered by fallen behemoths of trees and fresh boils of earth that pushed to the surface as the very bedrock was torn asunder. But what caused it?

Her feet bruised as she jumped boldy over obstacles, striking the shifting earth again and again with such force her knees threatened to give way with every chance step. Her serpentine eyes were fiery with a tumult of emotion, and yet, foremost of them all was determination. As the shadow of the ruined forest fell away to storming grey sky, she struggled to see through the dust swirling into her eyes, choking down her throat like a malicious hand. But true malice she had never known, not like this, for when she slid to a halt, a plume of dirt flying up in her wake, she saw for the first time that which would end them all.

Firstborn have mercy.

She glimpsed in the distance a consuming black, competing with the sun's light to darken the very sky. A mountain appeared to be twisting in and out of the ground, massive chunks of rock that had once formed the expanse over which she had traveled many times now shoved upwards in the great tunneling that was occuring in the valley's very core. 

Horror scattered her thoughts to the roaring wind as the spectacle grew before her, a massive head rising from the calamity it had caused to bare teeth larger than her mind could comprehend, blinking cold, cruel eyes to the destruction. No, not a mountain at all. This was far worse. No force of mortals could stop it- this was clear as she watched lifeless bodies be swallowed by great chasms, be crushed to bits beneath towering jags of falling rock. 

The screaming was closer now- head snapping to and fro with frantic urgency, Keres struggled to follow it to its source. A commotion of racing forms were struggling to remain abreast of the destruction, a group of equines all sprinting with mindless panic in the direction of the Great Tree, standing sentry on the horizon with its ever-reaching branches outstretched to the sky like grasping hands, as if to offer itself as a shield. Shaken to awareness, she dashed after them with as much speed as her body could muster, driving her vision spotty with exertion. Ash drifted amidst the dust and rubble, the smell of smoke and fires on the breeze from somewhere she could not see, could not risk looking for. As she pressed closer to the others at a breakneck pace, she raised a hoarse yell to the winds; 
"The lords, the herds! Where are they?"

She received no answer. A man ahead of her was gasping for breath, blood dribbling from his lips to be lost on the breeze- his side was impaled by a splinter of wood larger than a child's leg. He stumbled, moaning in mindless terror as his body gave out, slipping back into the chaos with a pleading gurgle as the earth rose up in a deafening roar to swallow him. Keres cried out in shock and anguish, trying desperately to keep step with the survivors. A child wailed, sharpening her focus with the effectiveness of a whetstone on pliant steel. Slit eyes darted, landing on the youngster who was stumbling, bleeding, bruised, falling farther and farther behind the others and sobbing for his mother with an abandon that tore through her like the serpent that writhed in the ground.

Snarling at the sky as if her protests could halt the senseless carnage, she swung back and shoved him forward, a broken yell of motherly wrath erupting from her throat as she tried to scoop his frail body unto her back. How would he hang on?

He screamed and bit at her nape in an animalistic instinct of survival and she urged him into grip tighter, leaping up the path with fresh resolve. The tearing of rock had grown so loud as to drown out the world, sensation ruling her as everything lost meaning. The tree was a beacon, the last they had- and they pushed themselves to the brink just for the possibility of getting there. The group thinned with every new threat, and her mind grew static, drifting, as she watched the death repeat over and over. 

Many times in the past months had she dreamt of death, of the peace it offered, the repose. The possibility of seeing her loved ones again. But she watched as reality came crashing down around them, and saw her family in her mind's eye. For the first time, she wanted to live. And when the frightened child clung as best he could as he was shaken on his precarious hold, she knew she must.

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Trigger Warning: Keres suffers from severe depression and bouts of dissassociation-
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~ Marrow ~

i am dumb to tell the weather's wind

Whether it was some sort of divine intervention that kept them from homing in the North the previous night or a premonition, Marrow led Kismet from Ambrosius to explore more of the central territories early a rather dew-slick morning. The tremors had made for treacherous footing there and he loathed to think of the fiery mare being buried beneath her flame's enemy. So he set a quick pace, raced her and cracked as many jokes as he could to keep her smiling. He hadn't realized in his time away how much he'd missed it. Of course, he wasn't entirely forgiven, and rightfully so. Her anger was well warranted, he'd give her that, and he deserved every second of backlash and lapping flames she gave him. So he supposed to road to the central region, back to the sapphire Slidr Lake, wouldn't only keep them safe by offering distance from the quakes but keep their wanderlust sated.

His golden hooves winked in the sunlight. Truthfully, despite the ominous earthquakes that never really seemed to fade the day was beautiful. Leaves of umber, carmine, and citrine dazzled against the cyan sky, their edges seemingly kissed with gemstones as starbursts of light danced along them. The runaway prince had cast his head eye, gilt eyes observing the glorious scenery of the morning when the initial tremor began. Droplets of crystalline water rained down on them, loosed from the branches, and Marrow had to trip forward to a halt in order to keep from falling. As it began to ebb away, he turned his obsidian frame eye to her, brow raising. "Seems like it will never quit, aye?" he asked, charming qualities never wasted on her, but the true nature was to deflect any worry (and not just Kismet's). For a moment he lingered there, studying the dark amaranthine where the collected dew had stained her a couple shades, watched the glint and wink of her own golden horns, and studied the way her jewelry lay across her curves. He gulped without really knowing why, tossing his gaze down for just a moment. "You know..." he started, a surprising bubble of courage (bah! He was always courageous, just not always with his emotions...) gathering in his chest, but was unable to finish.

Another earthquake, sharper, harder, than the rest. Marrow lurched instinctively for his dearest friend, pulling her close to his side as startled eyes scanned through the now swaying trees. Beneath his hooves the ground bucked and dodged, as if it had some sort of sentience aimed maliciously at their footing. A fissuring crack snapped the ground beneath them and before his mind had the time to fully process exactly was happening he took Kismet's citrine main into his maw with a tug and launched himself forward.

The deafening roar only came later.

Thunderous were his hooves as they struck stone and path beneath him, pounding to the quickened surge of his heart as the first crippling snares of terror. His family cloak billowed in the winds awoken by their speed, time and time again snared by bushes and ripped. And for as many tears the embroidered, frayed ends suffered he turned back to Kismey, searching frantically for her following figure until satisfied to turn forward again. Others emerged from the chaos around them, screaming and running from... whatever let loose such a terrible roar. But he had felt another shake, another quiver. But it was in his soul. Instinct seemed swayed by the echoing voices, "To me", and followed suit.

The journey was strenuous and he was unsure just how long their legs had carried them when he caught the first sight of it. A beast rose high above them, blocking out the sun as it serpentined over their heads. Marrow tripped in his astonishment, tumbling forward and down the decline as the narrow vale to the Bifrost spilled out before them. Primal fear blurred his mind. He couldn't even think of a curse to swear at the gargantuan wyrm he'd just witnessed - hell, he wasn't entirely sure he had registered that correctly. But somehow, someway, he found his footing, struggled back onto his hooves, "Kismet, wheezed between labored inhales. Sweat dripped from his chest, running the arch of his nape, and stained streaks down his legs. His knees quivered before he even tossed a glance over his shoulder and realized they still had some miles to cover. "Kismet," he choked her name once again on the air, mind reeling in the chaos as bodies swarmed around them and raced to the Bifrost. Once his eyes fell on what was left of someone run over and left trampled, and he thought he would be sick. "Kismet," he croaked again.

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The golden sovereign had hoped the new season would bring about a sense of calm her people had long deserved. After months battling wolves and a devastating barrage of avalanches that struck the North, Antiope knew her people were tired. Battered. Most had seemingly lost a spark of life within them and had gone about their daily routines out of sheer habit. The bright warm days of Summer had brought promises of better things to come, yet the gilt pegasus was wary. The Valley was harsh; cruel to its own inhabitants and perhaps sadistic to outsiders. Antiope knew she would be remiss to trust a beautiful beginning to the season.

The subtle tremors told Antiope she had been right to remain on her guard.

They started softly at first and had no discernible origin. Some thought great beasts were on the move, some thought it was perhaps the earth shifting due to some unforeseen natural cause. Then the tremors strengthened, shaking the snow from the utmost peaks of the North. Whispers of concern filled the air and the pegasus mare stood alongside her concerned people, confused on what was happening. What Antiope did not - could not - anticipate was the earth tearing itself asunder. Those who could fly took to the air, screaming their retreat. The sovereign was swift to attempt to herd all those who could not fly away, though her heart grew heavier with each missing body or poor soul she watched get swallowed by the mountains.

"We must leave!" she bellowed to none of her house in particular, but all heard her demand. Run. Save yourselves. Antiope did not know if calamity had struck just the North, or if all others had befallen some equally destructive fate, but she knew they were not safe in the mountains. They had to flee south, away from the landslides or late season avalanches. Her heart broke upon giving the order for a set of her most trusted guards, (who were also wingless, though that was only a small factor in their choosing), to lead those who could not fly to safety. They knew the stakes and as they quickly began leading the landed equines south with pledges to bring them all to her safely, Antiope could only watch them mournfully for as long as she could. Be safe.

As they grew smaller, she turned to fly away. Those who could fly kept a tight formation; a guard led the front under direct orders to fly away from their homes while Antiope protected the rear of the group. Any who fell behind were spurred forward, drawing strength from the gargantuan mare who refused to leave anyone behind. Decked in her armor, the dark steel glinted in the sun as they made a swift descent into the chaos that had become the valley. A deep scowl twisted Antiope's lips. It seemed they were not the only ones who suffered, either, as equines from the other Houses began to filter towards their narrow escape from the terror.

The Bifrost.

The deafening roar made the seasoned warrior flinch, though she did not waver. As her people drew near, she shoved them away. Antiope pushed everyone, woman, child, even the guards themselves, towards their only hope. "Go!" she barked at anyone who even hesitated to fall into step with the gilt pegasus. She stood like a golden and bronze wall, guarding the way out against a creature larger than she had ever seen. Though her garnet gaze glanced at every face that whizzed by - mentally tallying her own people, seeing if they had all arrived safely - a deep rage burned within them.

"To me."

The voice called her, all too familiar and beckoning. It pulled at her despite her fury, though Antiope stood her ground against the beast who could kill them all. Her wings flared as Antiope snarled, her ears pinned back into her golden mane. She would guard every last soul, whether they were of her domain or not, until her last breath.

After all, that was the oath she had sworn so many years ago.

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The day had been promising, one of a quiet passing, but like a promise whispered from a cheating lover, this too was a lie. She had just dawned her armor for the change of guards, still receiving a bit of a cold shoulder from her fellow guardsmen, but honestly, not really caring too much about it that morning. Something in her gut told her that today, it wouldn't matter. It didn't take long to realize just how right that sinking feeling had been as the ground had begin to shake with a low growl, but grew into a fit of rage to match no other.

Concerned citizens shifted with discomfort and worry in the halls, shuffling past the small guardsman to seek guidance from their sovereign. Her small group were to be making rounds through the main chamber and had just barely reached it's entrance when hell broke loose upon them all. The man who patrolled with her was a wingless soul and would be forced to remain grounded in this mayhem. He seemed shaken at first, not sure when he was even supposed to do in a time like this, but soon fell in line with others to escape on foot down the mountain. Antiope however had seen the desperate winged citizens try to escape off the side of the mountain. Pushing against the current of fellow horses, she made it up to the large opening and started trying to herd her winged brethren out and into the sky. It wasn't long before the ground beneath her feet began to give way and crumbled to the ground below, almost taking her with it. For a moment, she was frozen in air, the sheer shock of all that was happening having caught up with her in that moment. The sound of Antiope's booming voice tore her back to reality and she was able spread her wings and catch herself before she became just another statistic in the onslaught.

She carried herself back up to the other flyers making a quick head count and she yelled for them to follow. No, she didn't have a plan or even know where to go, but they couldn't stay here. It didn't take long for their bronze leader to join their escape, taking up the rear of the group to keep them together. And the chimera tried not to look below at the destruction, but couldn't help it, ones she'd only just seen being swallowed whole in seconds never to be seen again.

The roar of the beast suddenly tore the sky, shaking her to her core and she could only imagine the terror of those behind her. She had a job to do though and couldn't afford to give into fear. Not a second time. She took a brief moment to glance back at the order she was given only to see Antiope stopping. Did she really think she could do anything against that thing? Surely she wasn't such a fool. Stopping now would just make her fodder for the creature. Her heart begged her to stop and stand by the woman's side, but she couldn't, there was more at stake than just them. She lowered herself below the group, guiding from below to keep an eye on the herd. "To the bifrost!" She yelled, seeing their destination in the distance.

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Tywin Traegur

When he’d laid in the steaming pools that day he hadn’t anticipated the Thrice Broken Moon as company. Typically these soaks remained private and Tywin found the time to stew over any news from the day earlier. But she stood before him now, somehow fragile but reinforced simultaneously. He’d immediately stood at her entry, sapphire eyes scanning her for any bodily injury or new scar (or old from the avalanche), but otherwise found her as he’d remembered her last winter. As the water sloshed at her legs it seemed deafening in the palpable silence hanging in the air, but the Jarl of Arrhule didn’t let an ear stray from attentive nor allow his gaze to flick away, and in those moments wondered what she thought about his changes. Scars, almost indistinguishable from the khol of his back, slipped down to his ribs in a reminder of the day she’d disappeared. He secured the eyepatch back in place over a marred and injured eye that had a far less appealing story.

He seemed simply roguish, very unlike the once untouched and composed male he’d been for the entirety of his life. But he supposed that time had changed them both.

Forgive me, she said and Tywin’s brow pinched to the slightest degree, but otherwise remained still. Forgive her? Every nerve that had pricked with boredom before turned hot with electricity. Still he watched, wordless, seeing her for the words she was trying to find, when the tremor came. The corridor echoed with cracking stone, the water receding at an alarming rate through the floor of the pool. He’d barely the time to look upwards when the roof began to collapse. Clear, wide eyes glanced to her a moment, before dust and debris threw down a curtain and the only option was escape.

Magic bubbled in his veins as he realized very quickly he had no means to escape. That was, until he felt his arcana whisper to the shadows. Without thought, he threw himself into the murmurs, and slipped into the phantasms like a specter. Pure instinct drove him along their sharp shadows in the rock until finally the path ended, and he materialized again atop one of the larger boulders. Using it to propel himself skyward, carmine wings snapped into place, one draconic and the other mimicking feathers.

Despite the daylight, screams sounded and echoed off of what ravine walls were left of Arrhule. Spiraling into the air he took every passing chance he could to search for Arete, survey the lands below as the people he was sworn to protect fled through the trees, and out into the Slidr Valley. His chest tightened at the sight of the massive wyrm. There was no fighting this time, only surviving. His visage dropped, turned, spun around, until finally she was there besides him again, cool shadowed appendages slipping along his back. His skin rose with gooseflesh, his unwavering stare catching her own. To me, something rang into the void of his soul as she clarified they were not to endanger themselves today. Without word he followed, falling into place behind rather than beside to better keep an eye on her.

Below them, he spied an entire continent falling into the abyssal depths carved by the World Eater. Its thunderous roars were deafening even through the howling winds as it destroyed what they had called home these last three years. Death lay below them, blood wafting to even their altitude, and he finds himself looking to her every time to reassure himself. Two quickly backed surges of his wings snapped him to her hip. When she turns to look at him with uncharacteristically soft eyes, there is a fleeting moment alarm rises in him – it was a look reminiscent of those given before diving into the rabbit hole and not expecting her return. A hardness edges his own, daring her to resent her earlier comment about heroics. He’d thwart her attempts if she tried to play the hero. But rather than arch off in a glorious quest to protect and serve, she yells to him over the winds. They’ve known each other a long time.

Her confession, the reasons for her needing his acceptance of her apology, spills into the calamity but is unheard by any besides him. Closely he listens, that daring in his gaze relinquished as, for a moment, his world tunneled to her alone. Cool shadows brush against him again, another wave of tingling nerves surging down his back, and he finds himself both frustrated by the distance between them and their safety, but understands her need to say it now. “There is nothing to forgive,” his declares immediately following, far louder than his typical, ensuring he’s heard over the World Serpent and the wails of woe below.

He’s only drawn away as the behemoth wyrm serpentines below them, crashing through mountain and forest as if they were but sprouts and pebbles. His heart pounds against a conflicting bought of emotion, and he does his best to swallow it and keep his composure, turning back to her. Death loomed below, and surely would have no trouble swatting them like flies from the sky if the beast thought fit. Her confessions had his composure frazzled, the calamity unraveling the neatly trimmed edges thread by thread. Perhaps if they were to…

But she speaks again, declarations he’d already promised silently to himself, and silences the previous thought. The Bifrost loomed before them, and he offers it only one thoughtful glance, before turning back. “I must confess I had made an equal promise, but some time ago,” he cracks the slightest of smiles, grown only by his amusement at its poor timing in the face of all this destruction, “but you’re aware of my private nature.”

Through the falling debris they navigate, his eyes roving over the swarm of escapees as they clamored over the narrow bridges and paths to the great tree. Somehow she manages to find a spot clear enough for them to sink into the chaos, and he drops the magic of his wings far enough away to stain as little as others as possible (lest he create more chaos). Tywin doesn’t allow the jostling bodies and panic separate them, but, more brutish in nature than he’s accustom, but drops nape over her withers and pulls her close to his chest, eyes glacier slits as they glared into the panicked crowd.

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It had come as a surprise. The haunting sound of the earth slipping away beneath their very feet. The inhuman cry of a beast far far far larger than them as he threatened to devour the world around him. Despite Bram's size and appearance he was very much still a child. A shuddering sound escaped his parted jaw, not unlike a breath, as air escaped him. His golden eye widened as his singular ear fell back against the subtle curl of his nape. His tail tightened against his haunches as he took a few steps backwards toward the sound of his father's voice. "Dad," his strangled cry died in his throat as he tried to turn as quickly as he could. He could still see his father, the orb his beacon as he scrambled across the sands. His legs churned as hard as they could but the ground was disappearing quicker than he could keep up with and Bones disappeared from his view.


Bram found himself falling. He could hear the others of Vromme rushing past him as he slipped into darkness. The sound of the sovereign's call still reached his ears. "They need him." Bram whispered to himself, closing his one eye. He felt his body jerk as his massive antlers caught on something from above. A massive structure of bones jutted forth, snatching him from his 'death.' Clamoring up the bone wall as best he could, Bram found himself on semi-solid ground again.

He could see the glow of his father's orb and bones in the distance. "I'm coming, dad!" He called out in his eerily deep voice before pushing off. His muscles ached from under-use (and death) but the reanimated child would not give up. He would see his father again. In a moment of daring, Bram turned his head to see Vromme crashing behind him. His home. Bram could not remember his life before Bones but what he could remember was wonderful. Bones teaching him to read, the birds perching in his antlers to sing him a morning tune, racing through the swamps and seeing how big of a splash he could make...he loved it all.

Goodbye Vromme.

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The grass around the oasis was a treat for young Hex. While most of the grass in the desert was dry, cracked, and bitter there was something almost sweet about the lush strands that poked up from the water of the shallows. Too much of it gave a stomach ache, but the occasional snack was a delight. As per usual, he kept to the side with the least amount of horses. He was far from the shade but he preferred that to the company. There were a few young stallions laughing and talking loudly across the water and Hex found his flesh twitching with anxiety. "They can't hurt you." He reassured himself, swallowing audibly before returning to his food.

The relative peace was fleeting however as a tremor racked the land of the exiles. Hex stumbled forward, falling onto his knees in the water. He closed his eyes, waiting for it to stop. However it did not. Tentatively he opened his eyes and stared across the water toward the large group of horses. Land was falling all around them and the piercing screams burned through his skull. "Make it stop. Make it stop." Hex flattened his ears against his head as ragged breath fell from his lips. "No," he finally managed to get out through agonized breaths. Whatever this was, he didn't like it. It had taken almost everything he had just to come to the oasis, especially considering the fight against the wolves that had conspired here before. His chest ached with the phantom pain of their claws. The warm feeling of blood rolled down his legs, though there was naught there.

"TO ME!"


The sound of the bellowing warden brought him to his senses and he turned his gaze, searching for him in the distance. There was a pause as he fought with his own inner thoughts as to whether or not he should follow. After what felt like an eternity to the young shaman he shakily got to his feet as best he could. Shaking the water free from his quickly drying coat he set off. Hex leaped over an unfortunate soul who had been crushed by a falling boulder and felt the bile rise in his throat. His hooves sunk into the dunes around the oasis as he struggled to gain his footing. The ground got more solid the farther he got from it but he felt as though he was struggling in vain.

"Keep going, dear." He could hear a soft voice in his ear. Her voice. One of the many spirits who had aided him since he was a child. She had returned to him in his time of need. "Come child," the spirit whispered before the lovely blue wisp moved ahead of him. His eyes felt warm as tears threatened to spill from them. A surge of adrenaline pushed him forward as he followed the sound of the warden and the rest in hot pursuit.
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Poppy could still feel the chill in her bones from the winter she spent frozen in ice. Her movements were slugggisb as if just pulled from slumber which honestly wasn't too far from the truth. With the spring thaw came freedom, but her stomach roared with hunger and food was scarcer than she'd hoped at this time of year. Raising from the depths, she went in search of food closer to the surface, blissfully unaware of what was to come. While others feared the shaking of the ground, the water had been a protective barrier, keeping her sheltered and protected from it's rattling. 

It couldn't gaurd her forever though. The surface trembled with anticipation as a beast of near unimaginable proportions became to tear the world asunder, the small fish had yet to really notice, taking eager mothfuls in shallower water, but as the fish themselves became frantic, it was far too late to seek shelter in the depths. The shaking broke the earth and Slidr Lake broke. It was like a child had been given a fish at a fair, the once still water was tossed up and about, throwing around it's poor inhabitants without choice. Poppy was ripped from the shallows- and pulled back towards deeper waters as it yanked her up and out with each crash of waves. As the beast of nightmares drew nearer, it only became more violent. Her face was painted in silent horror as she was edjected from the water, gains like sails, legs splayed in an awkward, panicked display before crashing back into the water, filling her ears with the sound of ringing from the impact as she hit the surface with a stinging slap before being inveloped once again.

Her limbs ache from the bashings before it finally spat her back out in the gravel shore. Her mouth opened in a painful gasp. The thrashing left her delicate sun and ivory tones painted black and blue, blood trying to find perch on her, but mixing into the water that fled from her beached form. She struggled to breathe as the world tremble underneath her, her own unsteady legs struggling to find perch. Her head turned to look back out at the water only to see another thunderous wave just before it crashed down around her, threatening to put her back into it's deathly grasp.
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The tremors felt as if they came from nowhere. Faint shakes ebbed and flowed before morphing into earth shattering quakes. The sheer force of them jostled the young obsidian king around, causing him to take several step to and fro to readjust his balance as he looked all around him. Could there have been another earthquake running its course into the lands arrhule down below? The king of tyrggr quickly made his way over to the edge of his throne, glancing down below into the natural bowl. Thankfully there was no snow to tear into the lands this time but what he saw made his carmine eyes grow hard with urgency. Scales the size of boulders, and serpentine coils that snaked its way through the heart of sildr valley.

Andante's heart thrummed heavily within his chest as he whipped away from the mountains edge to address his kingsmen with a growl on his lips. Move out and assist all that you can! We cannot stay here with that thing roaming about! The hellhound barked his command and at once they acknowledged him with a curt nod. "Aye, konge!!" As his troops dispersed he whipped about, turning toward the sentry of ravens he used to keep in touch with Tywin. The dark corvids cawed and squawked with a build sense of panic. These he entrusted them with a message, one that would let his jarl know to round up as much of his hold that he could and bring them to the edge of Blar.

Time was of the essence and h felt as if he did not have enough if it. Rushing into the crowds he called over he scream and shouts of terror. Move! Come on lets go! Everyone head toward the blar stream! We will regroup from there! The frightened faces turned to him but knew to listen to and trust their king. No sooner did he deal with the crowd did Naveed appear, ushering them along before turning to face the silver horned king. Naveed...Where's Iracebeth?! The hulking beast rolled his shoulders, shaking his head as he spoke to Andante through their shared link. "I don't know. I did not see her."

Andante's jowls tightened as thick fangs clenched together. He needed to find her but hope and prayed to any god that migh have been out there that she had gotten the message to move toward blar.

The rush seemed to take forever and fly past all at once on the way to the gurgling stream. All the while he spent his time searching the moving crowd for his lover's face and those golden eyes. Racey! He called again for what felt like the millionth time. Iracebeth! Garnet cloven hooves stopped in their tracks once he felt a pull. A beck and call all too familiar to him. "To me..." The great tree whispered to him. While the foliage all around him seemed to speak to him as well. "Yes, hurry young king. To the bifrost, you must hurry!" Turning his head in the direction of the looming tree the hellhound howled to his denizens. To the bifrost! Everyone, go to the bifrost now!

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Life in the hold had been far different than life as a princess. Aurora had taken to it with bright eyes and an unwavering smile, however she still had linger doubts of her own strength. Her own perseverance to push through such feelings was what kept her going-- and a certain knight at her side. Without Percy she would have been far more lost than she could have imagined. Despite her unwillingness to speak of why she had left he had been a support to her and she was forever grateful to him. She thought often of her family and friends, wondering just how they were doing. Aurora worried for her parents and how the kingdom had done after the broken alliance, though she could not dwell on that. She couldn't. If she started to worry she would never stop.

She noticed the first tremor as it created great ripples in the stream she had been drinking from. At first she deemed it nothing to worry about and carried on, though making sure to stay more alert than before. However they quickly became stronger and she found herself nearly falling to her knees. Her hooves splashed in the shallows, toe catching on the many pebbles that lined the bed. The thundering of hoof beats was her next indication that something was very, very wrong.

"Move! Come on lets go! Everyone head toward the blar stream! We will regroup from there!"

Her sovereign's voice rang out amid the chaos and Aurora felt the blood drain for her face. The peaceful aura she had been feeling before was now replaced by fear. In her chest her heart began to hammer as she turned her head in the direction she had last seen Percy.

"Percival," she cried out, though her voice was trembling and meek. Swallowing loudly she tried again, "Percival!" She wouldn't go anywhere. Not without Percy. Lucky for her she had already been at the stream which was becoming more and more populated with each moment. A small group of horses bumped into her and she backed away, raising her head to peer across the many backs of the closely knit band.

She could only hope he too had heard the call. However Andante's second call made her skin crawl. "To the bifrost! Everyone, go to the bifrost now!" No! Without Percy? "Percival, Percy! She called again, her voice growing more and more hoarse each time his name fell from her lips. As the pack began to move she felt herself be jostled and tightened her wings against her side for added protection. Where was he?

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