Autumnal Affair

As cooler temperatures slip from the sea in dewy fog and nestle into the heart of Fymm, the inhabitants find themselves feeding more wood to their hearths and wrapping themselves in thicker layers in preparation for the coming Winter. Though grey skies filter overhead and steely clouds usher in chilly rainstorms, the Pathfinders’ morale is unassuaged. Rather, witnessing the first touch of fiery leaves upon the Waldenwood trees inspires a stupor in the equidae. Throughout the streets, garlands of orange, yellow, and red leaves run from building to building, post to post. Wreaths hang above shop and tavern arches, and toasty fires roar in the chimneys.

But, that is hardly all! The laborers see opportunity where their work has yet begun. On the outskirts of the restored architecture linger empty gardens and ruins - close enough for any party goers to fetch a drink and meal while still participating in their grand plan. With the blessing from the Commission, grand bonfires are lit in the centers of untouched ruins whose roofs open to the skies. On clear, twilit nights these bonfires roar and merry is made in their ambient glow. The entire month camaraderie and progress is celebrated and affiliations thrown into the flames so that all can share equal in the largest of banquets. Tables line the streets, even those still rickety and untouched by the masons, and those tables too are lined with treats and sweets.

Food is in abundance, wine and ale overflowing, and all take a moment to celebrate their first fall in the new world.

All of Fymm is celebrating its first ever fall! Bastion is booming with reverie inspired by our earlier holiday submissions! Any and all threads there can enjoy this newfound holiday and special random event drops, Autumnal Rubies.

This special holiday currency can be acquired through posting in any Fymm local board (Travel not included) by random chance. But, be warned… not all treats are so easily acquirable. Be careful for those of who wander with trickery. Masked hooligans are having to much fun scaring party goers! But, if you persevere and acquire 3 Autumnal Rubies and you can turn them in for special event items such as:

  •  Touch of Autumn: A commemorative amulet of amber resin with a perfectly preserved autumn leaf inside. It offers no additional effects and boasts no magical properties besides being aesthetically pleasing, and is only available during this first Autumnal Affair.
  •  Mask of Tricks: Much like the masks adorned by those causing quite a fright, this special cowl can transform the face of any character into whatever they wish! Be if leper, witch, drake, or bug, scare your friends with this fun accessory!
  • Witch of Waldenwood

    But is all well in Fymm? Of course, where merriment rests there is conversation, and rumors thrive when loose lips get to wagging. You might have heard whispers of a quite curious nature… Seems it isn’t just the appearance of Waldenwood changing! There be whisperings of the unusual sorts: strange noises, floating apparitions, even voices! Seems one account cries witch - the Witch of Waldenwood! Of course, what are “true” accounts and those elaborated with grandeur are hard to discern at this point… but who knows…. perhaps she is out there. Could you catch a glimpse of her?

    Scavenger Hunt

    Pesky bats have gotten into the backend of Fymm and messed everything up! Dear me… Can you find all ten bat wings? The first ten members to Private Message Spoupi with the correct locations of all of them will receive 250 crystals, but the first three will receive one Autumnal Ruby!??Please, no sharing of results to ensure fair and proper play.

    And be warned! Nothing is off limits…


    As always, character specific participation is always expected to be tracked by the members. All Autumnal Ruby accumulation must be tracked in your own personal system. Once you’ve received three individual, please proceed to the Help Center’s designated Autumanl Affair Redemption to turn in your currency/events for the special holiday items!

    We’d also like to take this moment to encourage and remind everyone of posting etiquette. No placeholders are allowed to be posted here on Fymm and you cannot skip the regular posting order unless a week has progressed without a reply. Additionally, please bare in mind all thread prefixes (ei: Open, Private, etc) are not negated by the random events or the holiday. For all Autumanl Affair centric opens you can use the new Holiday thread prefix!

    Otherwise, please enjoy! This fall event ends on the 1st of November.

    Soft Opening

    Hello everyone! After long last we finally come to our soft open. Fymm may not be in its final form just yet, but it is time to start troubleshooting and verifying our new mechanics work! Yay! Please, bare in mind that the collective of the site is unfinished. Our personalized board images are on their way, the map has yet to be finished, and the Immersion section in the Mandates has yet to be filled in as it is not pertinent to game play. Some coding still needs tweaking (but will not hinder gameplay), and most of it I am aware of. If you see something persisting without edits/fixes (or me screaming about it not working), please bring it to my attention. Additionally, there will be hiccups! We're experimenting with brand new mechanics and it is up to us to ensure the best user experience possible by finding and locating those hiccups now.

    These first few days would best be used to reacquaint yourself with the Mandates (as there are additions and changes) and adjust character information as needed. There is a special new channel in the Discord (#help) that you can use to asking clarifying questions or bring up any typos, broken links, or broken codes. Anything you find that might need my attention, please share!

    Additionally, the transition SWP will be posted either later tonight or early tomorrow! Until then, feel free to respond to old threads and find closure there where you deem necessary. You may also use this time to determine which of your characters you'd like to explore the new world of Fymm and which you'd like to put on the shelf. Remember, you can always request a character put inactive or deleted in General Updates. Until that official SWP is posted, please refrain from posting established in the new boards! I cannot stress this enough. For the sake of your established character's timeline, please wait to explore the new boards until after the transition SWP is started. New characters who were never posted in Slidr River Valley may proceed immediately to the Fymm boards. This is a little clunky, but it is the best I can do with my current schedule and getting the SWP written and transition underway!

    Again, let me know in #help if you have any questions, concerns, or found anything wonky on site. I couldn't of done this without you guys and I need your continued support and cooperation now to see it to the official, final product!

    - spoupi

    Sitewide Overhaul

    Good evening, morning, or afternoon everyone. Since I cherish and value every single one of you I am not going to beat around the bush. Most saw that leader requirements were suspended this week and that a future announcement would follow detailing why I chose to make this decision. Fimbulvetr's primary focus has always centered itself in offering a place for recreational writing at the pace of the players. However, there comes a point where activity can become to infrequent - primarily from myself. Heading into my big move I knew that it would be a struggle to dedicate the necessary time to keep things updating and moving smoothly, but I vastly underestimated the hurdle it posed. Combined with feedback throughout the last year and competition rising in the form of newer sites I have elected to temporarily "pause" Fimbulvetr.

    What does this mean?

    The Fim we know, in its current form, will be coming to a slow end. Gameplay mechanics will shift, new ones will be added, and others will undergo drastic reformation in attempts to help bolster a more independent and functional environment for the players. Roleplay can and will, I hope, continue. I do not want to take this form of laid back community away from the players and throughout my moving preparations and official journey to the new home I will slowly cultivate the new site concept. During the overhaul and revamp process the site will still be accessible to the member base to keep your wonderful narratives going at whatever pace best suits you. While gameplay is not necessarily on pause, everything else will be. For now, some site/character mechanics are going to be put on an indefinite hold until the overhaul is complete. Additional site mechanics that will temporarily be on hold are: new accounts, leadership requirements, seasons, death lotto, exile boundaries (yes, exiles are free to go into the valley), arcana leveling (above Adept), and challenges. Why? Their current strategies are some of the items under intense adjustments (if they remain at all), and I feel it would be a disservice to force these dying rules upon the member base.

    It is my intent to grandfather in as many items as possible from the Outpost to the new concept, although some basic site items that will conflict with the newer trends of the reformed site will be removed (and refunds provided for them). Additionally, (and this is a slight adjustment from the private announcement to staff), I will also be attempting to grandfather in ranks to the best of my ability as it fits into the new narrative (most of this will be done in the Site Wide Plots that will help the transition from old to new concept). As more becomes clear, and ideas hammered out, I'll be sure to keep those who choose to stay informed entirely.

    Alright, so what's the timeframe?


    This will be a relatively slow process with intermittent intervals of faster turn arounds. The site will be accessible in the current form as-is until larger changes have to be made. All of these changes will come with Discord announcements to prepare everyone. So, until further notice, the site will proceed as normal. It will remain Winter of Year 502 until the end of the SWPs that will transition us to our newer version of FIM. Much like my move dates/availabilities, it is malleable and will be as-soon-as-possible with ample updates.


    As mentioned, some site mechanics are undergoing heavy alterations. Some changes you can all prepare for are:

  • The removal of exiles
  • Map and board updates
  • New challenge system
  • Stealing system
  • Adjustments to Houses/herds and their ranks
  • Leadership requirements will change if not be entirely removed
  • Class system, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, complete with buffs
  • Travel - yes, travel, both inside and outside of the main continent
  • Simplified arcana leveling

    The items are not the only changes coming but the current list of confirmed changes that already have some basis in my current notes.


    I know this may be confusing, surprising, or maybe even upsetting, but as your admin I ensure you I am attempting to provide the best community, site, and narrative I can for those who choose to participate. Every single one of you, and your characters, is what makes a role-play game fun, immersive, and sustainable. As it is currently, I am unable to commit myself 100% physically and mentally to the workload that Fim demands right now. And, to help keep us active, fresh, engaging, and the best product it can be for you, I feel it is better to make the adjustments. If you have any kind of questions, I'll be happy to answer them on the Discord server or over private message.

    Once again, I apologize for this left-field announcement. It is not my intention to undermine anyone, but to help provide a better, more efficient community with a more streamlined, goal-oriented narrative.

    - spoupi

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