Marlo Taye

Gender & HeightMare, 14.2hh
Age & Season11 Spring ✿
Crystals20  ✦
WriterZomburr, 3 posts


Marlo is a mare of short and stocky stature; built with good, sturdy bone and a strong figure. Her coat is a bright amber champagne color; golden hues traveling over a smooth pelt. Well, until you get to her markings. The white that splashes her coat is thick and curly, thanks to wonky genes from her breed, making them stand out in almost a haze against the normality of the rest of her coat. She has mottled skin, soft pink dotting her lips and above her eyes.

And speaking of her eyes, they shimmer in gold and purple, though her right eye is blind, the pupil milky lilac. She has a slightly convex profile, coupled with a strong brow and thick lashes. Her ears are large, almost like that of a mule.

Marlo sports a bit of a beard, due to her markings snaking under her chin. She has bristly whiskers and slight fluff on her front fetlocks. She has a lion-like tail, thick hair sprouting from the tip. Her locks are a soft brown, golden tipped in color, thick and soft and often wild. There is rarely a time when she is able to control her hair, and it is often found getting in her face or wrapped up in her legs.

And from her forehead sprouts a golden horn ridged and serrated, perfect for the rare fight she may find herself tangled in.


Marlo has a very strong personality. She is a mare who has never been handed anything in her life; she has worked hard to get to where she is, and it sure does show. She can be a bit brash and maybe opinionated, but she really does mean well. She is a sneaky mare, manipulative and a little overbearing to some. She speaks what's on her mind, whether its something you want to hear or not. She's not very good at making friends, but who said she wanted friends to begin with?

While Marlo is calm and fairly level-headed, there is an impulsive, reckless streak to her. She often pisses people off just by simply being in their presence; not careful with her words or actions. While Marlo can be motherly, she is also fierce and can be vicious in her ways. She is not one to back down from a fight and will hold a grudge for the dirty look you gave her in the alleyway. She demands respect from all those around her, even strangers passing in the streets.

Marlo did not survive this long if not for her wits. She is cunning and determined, stopping at nothing to get what she wants. While she may play the perfect, punctual little good-two-shoes, crime tends to be more down her alley. She is not afraid to dabble in illegal affairs... well, only if someone else gets their hooves dirty for her.


Where Marlo came from is a mystery to all; some try to spin tales, others simply decide not to ask. The Taye name is connected to innocent farmers, though they claim to not know of the golden-eyed vagabond. Some claim she was born of witches, some say to the sea of sirens. Some claim she can raise the dead, some say she can hardly rise for herself in the morning. Whatever the tale may be, Marlo plays the part of mysterious treasure hunter and collector, her money good and her word wise. There isnt anything she wont do for something shiny, and makes friends in all the wrong places to get there.

She does not speak of her mother, but hints at her wealth. A well respected lady, sure, but foolish, to marry a criminal- her father, she does speak of. She speaks eloquently and knows much about business and politics, so perhaps nobility runs through her veins. Or maybe she grew up riding the coattails of royalty without them knowing. She is a woman who knows her way around a blade, so she certainly did not live a cushy lifestyle, but does not often understand her ways around the wilderness. On the streets, she is most comfortable.

She is well traveled. She knows her way around a ship and speaks many languages. She can sell ice to a polar bear, laugh with the worst of them, and pretend to make friends when, in reality, she is simply casing the joint.The rules do not apply to her, but she is not spoiled; middle child, perhaps.

Her voyage to Fymm was not an easy one; running from bounty hunters with a debt over her head. How it got there or what she had done, as usual, her lips are sealed. The only ones who would take an outlaw such as herself were pirates, though it did not take long for them to believe she was a curse on their ship. Dumped at the next port, Marlo found herself in a city much different than where she had ever been before.



The ability to see the past of an object or person, though at the moment, her magic is very weak. She can only see said history if she is able to physically touch it, and she may only see glimpses. Often, they are muddied and dont make a lot of sense. This required a lot of physical and mental strain, and if she abuses said power, she risks slipping into a coma.




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