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An eccentric beauty drenched in inky black accented only by the aquamarine oculars that seem to glow like iridescent beacons from their prison within her skull. She possesses no true mane or tail but a swirl of indescribably soft fabric flutters around her in a mockery of them, dancing constantly on the slightest of breezes. Markings that have been seemingly etched into her flesh, covert her in two places. Across the front of her chest and wrapping up around to her shoulders lies a set of Egyptian styled wings while the front of her skull and snout is adorned by an ankh. Against the dark background of her flesh, these markings seem to glow, giving them an iridescent quality. She stands at a staggering twenty-one hands but teeters on the edge of emaciation. Scars lace across her form though most are well hidden beneath her coat. Lithe and built for speed, she cuts a haunting image, truly embodying her name... Wraith.

The dam holds herself with respect, grace and honor, elegance sings in every purposeful step she takes but there is a weighted heaviness that rests upon her shoulders. It sags her posture just enough to be noticeable and it follows her like a wicked hellion always nipping at her heels. When she speaks, her voice is tainted by a thick Egyptian accent, but it's clear she'd well educated and intelligent. She smells of an oasis and a cool night breeze.


Quiet-Subdued by years of torture and abuse, Wraith is a creature of few but meaningful words. She isn't stoic and the heaviness in her soul shows on lines and scars of her body, but she is soft spoken and shies from aggression and violence.

Captivating-There is a seduction in the ways she moves, the way she speaks, her heavily accented tones and the simultaneous dignity and approachability in her posture. Despite her lack of a mane and tail, she easily catches attention, whether she wants it or not.

Empathetic- Wraith is often moved by the emotions of others, she struggles to leave even the most vile of strangers in pain or discomfort. A true bleeding heart.

Honorable- Wraith lives by a conditioned code of morality passed down to her from her father. She believes in forgiveness but also justice, punishment but also second chances. If she is challenged, she responds in a way that is fair and just. Perhaps these views are a dying commodity but she tries to embody them all the same.

Intelligent- Well educated and well spoken, Wraith is no stranger to philosophy, religion, politics, medicine and many other topics. She will converse with anyone, providing their intentions do not strike her as foul or cruel.

Distrusting- It takes a long time to earn Wraith's trust, she does not give it commonly, freely or easily.

Broken- Wraith bares a soul that has been torn asunder and her heart lives in the afterlife. She is not convinced that she can be happy again nor is she convinced that she deserves to be.


********Trigger warnings********

Beyond deserts untraversed and regions unexplored sat an Empire unlike anything ever seen before. Where most herbivores took solace in forests or meadows thick with vegetation and nourishment, this Kingdom found the sanctity of home in shifting deserts, tropical oasis and nearly unbearable heat. The herd that congealed in the eye of the sun was massive and at the heart of such a rare gathering stood the Pharoah who sought to pass his crown to the princess, his only daughter, his only heir.

Her story begins as one of fairytales and legend... born on a cold winters night she was the light in her father's eyes and the moon in her mothers and they gifted her with the name Ra. Before she even took her first steps to greet them, her betrothed, Imhotep, stumbled in to meet her, wobbly on his own fresh set of limbs, he whinnied and nipped at her ears and as young as she was, she smiled and laughed. It would be a courtship that needed no encouragement.

She was disciplined, educated, trained and conditioned to be the future Pharoah, the future Queen. Where she was gentleness and warmth, a breath of life and a gift of joy among the people, her betrothed was loud, the life of a gathering and filled with a determination to see those around him safe and satiated. Opposites in personality, they found solace in one another... he encouraged her to let loose and have fun whilst she reigned him in when he got to wild. They were a pair that were whispered of fondly and on her third birthday she was set to be crowned and then married in short order. She stood beside Imhotep with her heart in her throat, unable to decide if she was more eager to earn the crown or to call the love of her life her husband... when everything crumbled.

A rival kingdom, a traitor leading the rebellion, blew through the city with an army that could have toppled worlds. Screams filled the air, titans clashed, the horrible scent of blood and death quickly replaced the muffled excitement as her home and kingdom were destroyed by hate and rage. Ra fought, her own powerful frame lost in the fray but the sheer number of enemies overwhelmed them. The Pharoah and his Queen were killed, Imhotep was slaughtered protecting her and Ra was taken as a prize, the ultimate insult, divesting the pharaohs daughter of dignity and pride.

They ruined her crown, they tore at her mane and tail and then forced her into the sun so the wounded flesh would bubble and callous ensuring the hair would never grow back. They branded her with Magic, searing her flesh with the markings that adorn her to forever label her as lesser, a slave of old views and a fallen kingdom to those of better breeding. Once she was humiliated, they raped her. Again and again and again until she stopped fighting, until the once brilliant light faded from her aquamarine eyes and the best part of her soul died with her kingdom.

For years she was subjected to their torture, brutalized in more ways than any living being deserves to be but as time ticked on, they grew complacent, uncaring of keeping her secure and after a long night of celebration and pain, one soldier foolishly left her unguarded. Emaciated, bleeding and hardly able to stand, Ra took her chance and fled. She ran until the sun gave way to the moon and then returned, she ran until sand changed to dirt and grass... she ran until her legs gave out and she collapsed, heaving and fighting just to draw breath. Tears slid down her face as everything caught up to her. She'd never had time to grieve, she'd never had time to mourn all that she'd lost and now it crashed down around her, robbing her of everything but the heavy laden sorrow that she doubted would ever leave.

For the last year she has wandered aimlessly, seeking a purpose that's been lost to her. The only way to honor her people, her family, the love of her life is to live, but it never seems to get easier, perhaps this new land will change that.


Ra is a healer and her magic reflects that. Born with a gift her parents called The Breath of Sekhmet healing energy gathers in her mouth and can be exhaled like a fine mist, sinking into flesh and muscle, to aide in the mending of wounds both external and internal.

Small scrapes and bruises are easily cured and expend almost no energy, but the more severe a wound or sickness is, the more it takes out of her to heal. Severe sessions can leave her shaky and weak, unable to use her magic for days and if such is a case presented to her, it's not uncommon to see her split the healing into sessions so it doesn't render her weak and fragile as a newborn foal.


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