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greed breeds chaos,
and baby i'm greedy

Little others I have seen painted and decorated to match that of their nature like the beast Rohit. Bathed in charcoal, obsidian, and sanguine, this massive daemon's hide clearly demonstrates the monster hidden behind his charming, silver-tongued smile. Besides his hellish pelt, his stature is the next most noticeable feature. There is no singular distinguishable breed remarked in his confirmation, but a muddied bloodline of drafts make his chest robust, appendages thick, and embodiment foreboding. Many learn he isn't a man to back down from an altercation and surely he has the weight to throw around when his target has been set.

Returning to the coloration of his pelt, this monster is best described as a chimera, or perhaps a strange paint. Red intersects the khol in scarlet clarity, rich and unyielding to the eye. It dresses him in a false mask and cowl where the edges wrapped around his nape are reminiscent of jagged cloth. One other blot of carmine slaps along the slope of his belly, just beneath his most distinguished scars. At times the red cowl is hidden beneath the thick tresses of his obsidian mane which are always in unkept, messy coils and bouncy with natural volume. The same hue rises from his heavily feathered limbs, also breaking off in an irregular, tattered nature just past his knees and hocks.

And what daemon would he be without a prehensile tail? It is typically coiling behind him, not unlike a prowling cat, equally as untidied and thick as his mane. Further still, perfecting the image of a hellbeast are two ridged horns sloping from the sides of his visage. They are the same striking red as the rest of his markings, dented and scratched from years of combat and scuffling, but still bolster their sharpened points.

Yet, somehow, despite the devilish qualities in his exterior there is a remarkable handsomeness to the chiseled features. Perhaps it is the inserted cross-like mark of ivory that accentuates the flash of his fanged teeth, calling you in and lulling you with a seduction promise. Perhaps it's the color of his eyes, the same shade everyone affiliates with passion and lust. Whatever it is, there is an animal magnetism that oozes from Rohit like a miasma... and he knows it.


a man with charm,
is a very dangerous thing

If anything, Rohit can be described in two words: charming and volatile. Mayhap there is an underlying touch of bipolar to the stud, but lacking modern medicine in any of the realms he's visited it is hard to tell. But the rate at which he can go from smiling to homicidal is small.

Mostly those who run into the beast one of two faces, that being his own rendition of Dr. Jekyll. Suave, charming, and a creative magister of words, Rohit has little trouble engaging anyone in conversation - especially women he's deemed meet his standards. Those of the opposite sex garner his attention as if beacons in the night, somehow always finding themselves cornered or in a dark location with the grinning male. But his wide vocabulary and smokey voice quickly dispel their fears despite being warranted.

For you see, Rohit is not a man who accepts rejection of any sort. While it is most obvious in his conquering of mares, it extends into every aspect of his life. Roguish not only in looks but behavior, he isn't a man to listen to the decree of others. He goes where he wants when he wants to, and takes anything he desires damned the consequences. Hell, he's big enough to face them.

Additionally, there is a bit of a god complex to him. Loved and lusted by many a women (and sometimes men), Rohit feels he is of a higher quality than the rest of the equine who surround him. His undefeated record inflates his ego, only helping to fuel the swelling fires within that he is an untouchable others crave the attention of. While a man of ambition with such a mindset may be dangerous, fear not leaders, Rohit has no affinity for dominating anything (besides the one he's selected for his nightly romp).


i once had strings
but now i'm free

While he hails from a world littered with magic and whimsy, of courts and their political dramas, Rohit was not one to interject himself into their pointless agenda. From a young age he detached himself from what it meant to be in Hallows, and even went so far as pushing away his flesh and blood (long has he forgotten the faces of those who birthed him, and longer still has it been since he's spoke their name). He managed to remain generally unbridled beneath the political strife between the Santificars and Demerests, roving around and doing as he bid when he bid it. There was enough attractive women to keep him pleasantly satisfied for some time, and enough riff raff to tussle his coiling energy when it could no longer remain contained.

But, at least in his own opinion, his life did not begin until their world fell, disenchanted and left vulnerable to the outside world. While many gathered and speculated what could have caused the collapse, Rohit set his sights to the never ending horizon. Possibilities were endless. He wasn't a man of ambition but of desire. He wanted to leave, so he would, and did.

Where he went, who he bed, and who he damaged were of little consequence. None of them were high enough in his opinion to garner his attention for long, so he continued in whatever direction he saw fit to go when morning rose or night fell.




Voice Claim is James Spader as Ultron (without the mechanical nuances)


Design & Reference by Ray-Gunz
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