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With a sleek black coat and silky mane/tail to match the unicorn would have been thought to be able to fade into the shadows. The only thing that keeps her from doing so are the bits of gold along her face. These include her bright eyes, the line that swirls along with her horn, and the thread that keeps her mouth from opening. A couple streaks of grey run through her forelock and tail that also mar the darkness of the rest of her coat.

Ezera is a bit on the slim side for a Friesian. She's always been missing the bulk but she makes up for that in her height. This has probably been due to the fact that it can be difficult to get the right amount of nutrition while being unable to open her mouth more than an inch. The sharp raptor teeth hidden behind her lips would have made grazing hard anyway.

Despite how many times the unicorn rinses her mouth there is dried blood mixed with fresh. This is from both the puncture wounds for the thread and the mess that her teeth have made of the inside of her mouth.

Her tail is an average length while her mane is cut into a mohawk along her neck. Her forelock is the exception to this and falls down her face.

There are a couple of scars that break the darkness of her coat. A line of teeth marks, with some skin missing, show along her nape near her left shoulder. Four scratch-like scars drag across her chest and two puncture scars mark her right shoulder.


INFP-T : Mediator (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving, and Turbulent)

Ezera is very introverted, preferring to be either by herself or with those she considers friends and family. Being mute it definitely makes things easier when having a "conversation" with someone that knows how to translate her looks and movements into what she wants to say. This isn't to say that the unicorn isn't friendly. She won't just brush someone off or ignore them if they come up to her. Although it can get frustrating at times, especially if they start to pity her.

She has always been somewhat wary of others but ever since an incident a while back the mute has become even more closed off. She's relaxed a bit since but the nightmares that haunt her dreams still keep her alert, especially when she is alone. Her emotional state is a bit of a mess but you wouldn't ever know just looking at her. The years of using her expressions as a form of communication have come in handy for creating an almost perfect poker face.

Ezera is extremely loyal to those that she considers family and friends. She'll most likely do anything for them even if it puts her outside of her own comfort zone. This can become hazardous in certain situations but she'll ignore anyone who tells her so. She also isn't likely to leave a stranger in trouble after what she went through in her own past but probably won't stick around afterwards to receive thanks or praise.


The mare's foalhood wasn't the average "growing up with mom and dad teaching life lessons". Instead her father left a couple months after she was born and her mother started to shut down, leaving the extremely young filly to take on the responsibility of keeping them fed and safe. Ezera kept them away from other beings just to be cautious, meaning her only source of social interaction was a mare that refused to do much more than follow her daughter around in a daze. It didn't bother the girl much due to her muteness (due to her vocal chords having never developed correctly) and therefore inability to hold up a conversation but it didn't help much with her social development.

About two years went by with this being the normal for Ezera, taking care of both herself and her mother. It wasn't as hard as it is in the present due to the thread that now mars her mouth being absent, although the teeth still gave her some trouble. Things were as okay as they could be and it was more surprising that something hadn't happened yet than it was when it finally did. Although they couldn't have expected that the "something" would be an attack by a pissed off witch instead of wolves or any other normal predator.

That day wasn't one that she cared to remember but it was one out of two nightmares that plagued her while both asleep and awake. Her father had reappeared out of nowhere but was frantic, speaking what Ezera could only describe as nonsense and trying to get them to run. Her mother kept them from doing so, having collapsed to the ground in a state of shock at the site of her mate. By the time they had coaxed her to standing the witch was already there, spewing her own bit of nonsense that the unicorn would later realize was a different language. The rest of that day, and the couple days afterwards, are a blur with moments of bright, painful clarity. Her parents being sacrificed, the thread being woven through her mouth, the attempts she had made to get free of both the witch and the magic that bound the thread. In the end she isn't clear on how she got away, or even why she was saved instead of killed, but a couple days later she found herself beside a river. Despite the wounds on her mouth from where the golden string pierced her skin she was unharmed. The unicorn took off until she was sure that no one could follow. But with nowhere to call home she continued to move, just at a slower pace. She didn't stop until she reached what would become her new home for a while.

Elysium was a new start and somewhere that taught her too many lessons to count. It was a place that remains a mixture of memories that are happy, tragic, and even terrifying. She both gained and lost quite a few friends while being in those lands, Peregrine being one of the first. The stallion had quickly become someone that she never wanted out of her life. Out of everyone she had met so far he was the one that she would have followed anywhere. Looking back on it the unicorn realizes now just how fast they had moved but at the time she had never felt feelings like those before. Ezera had been sure that he was the love of her life. He might have been, there's nothing to say that they wouldn't have worked out, until the day he just vanished.

It was too much like the day that her father had left except that this time she didn't have her mother. This time the mute was alone in a land that she knew very little about. Although unlike before this time she found a herd. They gave her a feeling of safety that she had never really felt before but the hole in her heart remained. She didn't really get close to many of the members and preferred to stick to herself. Which is why she was alone on top of that snowy mountain when the second nightmare occurred. The details of that moment don't need to be repeated, the mental scars that remain and the daughter she now has are enough. Despite that event she wouldn't give Iracebeth up for anything. The filly was a bright light in her life and immediately replaced the hole that Peregrine had left, which is another reason why she doesn't believe that he was truly her soulmate.

After retuning to the herd and having her daughter a lot of things happened. She lost her daughter in an odd mist that had covered the field her herd called home, became co-Queen with another mare in an attempt to save a different herd, and eventually stepped down after realizing that finding Iracebeth was more important to her than ruling. She left Elysium shortly afterwards, going out on her own again to see what she could find about where her filly had gone. After a while of searching they were reunited and, along with Andante, searched out a new place to call home.


[X] Apprentice : She can only get a few thoughts across, such as telling someone her name.

[X] Adept : The connection lasts longer, allowing more information to be sent over. "Yes" and "no" questions can be answered as well as more detailed questions (with some effort), although after a while the connection will fade.

[X] Master : The connection lasts as long as she wishes and she can get any information across. It is no longer an effort for her to send her thoughts across, the magic is as easy as breathing.

[ ] Virtuoso : At this level the magic would allow her to turn the thoughts of others into her own, almost like a form of mind control.


Companion :: Arzaz (Hellhound) - This female beast would never be mistaken for any normal wolf. Even though she's just pup at the moment (about a year and a half) her head reaches Ezera's shoulder. By the time she's fully grown Arzaz will be around 20hh, maybe even a little bit taller. The bulk of her body is muscle which makes her a powerful force when she wants to be. Her fur is a smoky black that covers her entire body except her head, which is an ivory skull. The skull is thick and contains a mouth full of pointed teeth with four large canines, two on top and two on the bottom. Smoke curls around them as well as out of the nostril holes. Where the eyes should have been is an endless black that, if you were to look close enough, would seem to be swirling with the same smoke. Curled talons come out of the three toes on her paws and click against the ground while she walks. Arzaz stays this way until she gets excited, angry, or protective. When this happens her chest starts to burn with a golden color that travels up to her face. The gold turns into bright flames of the same color that fill in the eye-holes of the skull, the nostrils, and flicker inside of her mouth.


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