Mathis Demerest

ClassBattle Magus
Gender & HeightStallion, 17.3hh
Age & Season15 Autumn ☁
Crystals40  ✦
WriterSoupi, 12 posts


i have found much beauty
in the dark

Balance executes itself well in the alpha male of the Demerest family. He is not too thickly muscled that he is brutishly Herculean, but is not so slender that he seems fragile. There is a durability to his built that also showcases grace, and if one were to try and label him a breed Andalusian would be the closest in resemblance. A slight sink to his cornets and visible lines beneath his lids belay his advanced age, but somehow still there is a severity to them. His body is not experiencing a pitiful rot but a skilled strength. Over the years it is obvious luxury did not outweigh the importance of his physique, and it displays itself now that he crests his prime.

In confirmation, there was balance. But in hide, there is chaos. A menagerie of blue paints an erratic picture across his thin coat. Navy flecked with darker shades and vein-like marks comprise the base of his pelt. Darker lines still, near midnight in hue, run angry, jagged lines from his face down the base of his neck until they eventually taper out at the shoulder. Invading the otherwise twilight pelt upon this hessian are contrasting alabasters like cool marble. The mask upon his visage is vaguely skull-like in nature. It cups around his ears so that they project from his thick locks with the illusion of devil's horns. Well placed markings of black accentuate his lips, providing the misconception his mouth is elongated, with similar effects on his nostrils and eyes. With the juxtaposition of the light and dark shades, ever haunting, there is an ever eerie appearance to the man's face. Other white markings decorate Mathis that toe the line between barbed wire or false stitching. They stretch from a ghastly white zig-zag line that scratches through the darkness along his nape, while also wrapping his legs and withers. Dustings of the same placid hue dot his knees and fetlocks.

Interesting enough, yet, is the small trace of teal-emerald that traces in his locks and shoulders. A hardly visible element notable only in the sunlight when he is clean, it is the only remaining linkage to his dam's parentage.


Strict, unforgiving, driven-to-a-fault, close minded.

While Mathis may inspire an indifferent nature it is the furtherest from the truth. He is a calculating, unforgiving bastard whose judgement knows little bounds. He'll ignore, scoff, and brush away from those around him but to not let it fool you. Perceptive, he's gathered what information he needs from you and predetermined your worth. He's the nobleman with a plan to usurp his king and take the throne by whatever means necessary, having a full arsenal of knowledge, loyalists, and skills to have the jobs completed with his hooves clean.

Beneath the false indifference is an inferno. Mathis harnesses a temper that would rival any mad king. He is a man with more enemies than fiends and prefers it that way: the less privy to his true intentions the better. Somehow, he manages to keep his aggressive tendencies below the surface. While it may bubble to the surface from time to time, his restraint is superior to most. Only the right circumstances under the right environment allow for the muzzled dog within to gain its freedom. Those who know him best understand his quiet, burning, searing rage is the fuel to his ambitious nature. Many others claim ambition and hope for infamy. Many others race foolhardy and unprepared into the weeds to acquire that. Not Mathis. The calculated noble plotting to kill the king, Mathis will ensure he knows every inch of his chosen battleground, will promise himself additional plans should the original fail, and may go as far as planting additional parties to promise himself a victory.

Surprisingly enough, there is a sharpened protectiveness to the beast as well. His family, and family name, mean more to him than anything. Anyone who sullies the Demerest name finds themselves immediately his enemy, even if he's still smiling at you. There is a fierce intensity in how he projects his "love" for his family, especially his wife and daughter. Not entirely unheard of, Mathis at times is unfaithful to his spouse (and she in return), despite preaching morals. But Rue is his partner. His daughter, Regan, is a pride of his that he rarely showcases. His firmness and unyielding nature towards her can be borderline abusive, but he truly wishes the best for her and only wants to provide her the finest life he can curate. To act against Rue or Regan would surely scratch deep enough to unlock the monster hiding beneath his oceanic pelt.

His intelligence, ruthlessness, natural sense of diplomacy, and patience are the foundation to everything that Mathis is and intends to become. Low the man who stands in his way.


Wife: Rue Demerest
Children: Regan Demerest

Once upon a time, there was a place called the Hallow, but its time has since passed. All that you need to know, dear reader, is that of the fued between Demerests and Santificars. Mathis' family was one of the founding for their home, and long served as emissaries. They preserved tradition, preached morals and values, and ensured the original image of Hallows was never tarnished or disturbed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to control the opinions and desires of a full people, and Mathis lost his emissary role to a rivaling family member, Hannibal Santificar.

There was never an opportune moment to strike against Hannibal, not one that wouldn't color him a hypocrite or cost him a great deal. So, vengeance was never served. Rather, he plotted his eventual rise after his arranged marriage to Rue, and welcomed their daughter Regan sometime after.

These events are all he is willing to share, others remaining private and for select company. With the fall of Hallows falling precisely on the day his daughter was to marry Hannibal's son, Alaric Santificar, the Demerest patriarch needed little more proof to place blame. But the magic of Vesselen was scattered, obliterated and broken, and with it the supplement for their powers.

Far weaker a mage than previous, Mathis wasted little time organizing his leave from the ruin and rubble of a world no longer there, and set out both in chase of the Santificars and to find a place to re-established the Demerest name.

To expand at later date...


What is more frightening than silhouettes lurking in the dark? Shifting, organic, twisted beasts manifested in plane's other than our own. Mathis' possesses an arcanum born from terror. While many manipulate the dead and decomposing in his homeland of Hallows, this Demerest manipulates ichor flesh that bursts from his own. Through a complicated biological process, Mathis can create corrupt constructs from his own tissue - bone and flesh. Perhaps the only salvageable, saving grace to those destined to face the stallion's blackened wrath is the strict confines of his magic - they must stay attached to his physical form lest they wither and perish. The manifestations are easily identifiable by their abyssal, inky shade; lustrous-almost-wet sheen; and irregular, grotesque twist of flesh.

One. Crude appendages can manifest from primarily his shoulders to serve as an extra reach or grapples. Their distance and breadth is far from impressive, and he can only manage perhaps four at a time before the strain becomes too much to bare. Additionally, he can create tines of bone along his body for added protection, when desired, and is a far less straining act.

Two. The amount of boney structures he can create increases, as well as their area of coverage. Additionally, his ability to manifest further biological growths reaches more frightening feats. No longer constrained to appendages, he can create massive tumors to dampen blows to his physical body, or manipulate the appendages into spears or talons with the use of bones within them.

Three. While the organic material is sacrificed upon practice, Mathis can now use his twisted, blackened flesh to throw projectile boney growths. On a battlefield, he can reabsorb discarded flesh to mend and patch superficial wounds.

Four. Terrifying beyond measure, Mathis can now manipulate his physical body to accommodate transformations of grotesque nature. Splitting himself in twine to open sprawling, unhinged mouths or produce a plethora of tentacles, there is little the Demerest patriarch cannot do with his horrific, corrupted biological creations. Additionally, he can use the twisted biological creations to mend major wounds and other trauma upon himself.


hell is empty and
all the devils are here

(math-iss dem-ur-est)
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Scent: Dust, candle wax, and old parchment
Orientation: Heterosexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Face/Voice Claim: Alan Rickman as Severus Snape


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