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Gender & HeightStallion, 18.1hh
Age & Season1 Spring ✿
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I'm not falling behind or running late
I'm not standing still, I am lying in wait
Even at his tender age Xzavier stands tall, his height nearly daunting when compared to other young foals. His long spindly limbs and thick cream colored hooves showing promise of the massive figure he will become in the future. Taking after his father in build he has a fair amount of rippling muscle already. With a sloping roman shaped head and strong jaw he sports a pair of ice blue eyes. An ivory blaze compliments his features as well as a few strange markings running along the sides. Bathed in the soft pastel hues of purples and blues, speckled throughout are little dots of black and light blue. Xzavier's coat is an oddity at best. His ivory mane and tail remains short while flowing thick tendrils of hair flow from his shoulder blades, down beneath his chest. Located within his ivory hairs are small bulbs of flesh that emit a soft glow. Along with the length of his neck and entirety of his barrel glowing from the inside out, allowing others to see the lining of his internal ribs. All traits he happened to inherit from his mother. Protruding from his shoulder blades are dark pillars of obsidian that will continue to grow taller and thicker as he ages.


Everyone faces an endless uphill climb
You got something to prove, you got nothing to lose
Quiet and delicate are the ways of Xzavier. Forever the gentle giant. One could be confident that the colt would never bring himself to harm a single fly. He took after his mother in personality of being a cautious, empathetic individual with impeccable manners. He keeps his head down and tends to just go with the flow. He can also be quite the frightened child, spooking at his own shadow and running for the hills the moment his imagination gets the best of him. A true pacifist at heart he would not dream of getting into the faintest of altercations and often spends his time trying to calm those around him back down. This even includes playful matters like sparring with others his age. Within his sheltered life he has grown to be somewhat fearful of life beyond what he knows. However, as he ages he finds himself growing a sense of curiosity and gaining a love of knowledge. That is not to say he is not capable of anger or jealousy, it just that such negative emotion rarely last long on his moral compass.


My mother was a genius, my father commanded respect
When they died they left no instructions, just a legacy to protect
Xzavier was born into what was far from your average loving family. His father Renegade held a strong position within a ragtag herd named the heretics. While his mother was another mare taking up space in his large harem. His father had high hopes for any sons that his mares produced. Unfortunately for Xzavier, he did not fit the role of terror and dominance that Renegade longed for. Throughout the short time span of his life he grew and learned to keep distance between himself and the multitude of mares his father collected against their will. They would often shoot him deadly glares, categorizing him as a spawn of their captor. Though many of his half siblings grew to treat the harem with disrespect, Xzavier actually found himself humbled by their struggles and will to break free from bondage. His mother eventually vanished one night, never to be seen, nor heard from ever again. This left the colt in distress, sinking him further into the growing hole of solitude. Ultimately he felt like a prisoner within his own herd. At one point he ventured outside of his herd and stumbled into another and during his short time there he realized just how much other groups despised the heretics and what they stood for. Upon returning he overheard talk of a young mare named Rowan that was actually looking to bring him back home. Both surprised and grateful he tried to seek her out, humbled by her sense of compassion, a trait rarely found in the ranks of heretics. Unable to find her, and tired of residing in a place where he was not truly happy he set out on his own hoping to maybe find her.


Everyone's pace is relentless
You waste no time
Dark matter (Rashomon)l: A solid form of dark energy that is summoned from the extension of Xzavier's body. It takes the shape of a black shadowy beast but remains fully connected to him at all times.

Apprentice: In these beginning stages Rashomon can only offer defensive protection. It can mold itself to shield against both physical and magic based attacks but only at close range. Xzavier himself suffers from nosebleeds and painful hacking coughs as a result.

Adept: Rashomon's prowess has grown and can now switch between offense and defense as well as stretch itself to mid-range from Xzavier's body. At this stage it can also shoot needle like projectiles of dark matter or ensnare those within reach with a solid grip. Xzavier's nosebleeds continue but internal pain and coughing has ceased.

Master: The beast can now stretch far and wide, splitting itself into separate tendrils to reach targets well beyond in the distance. The strength of Rashomon has excelled to the point of being able to encased half of itself around Xzavier's side, allowing him to control the beast to his will. Like a living suit of armor but not for long. Xzavier no longer experiences nose bleeds or other painful ailments.

Virtuoso: Xazvier and Rashomon are practically one complete entity. Xzavier can completely encase himself in Rashomon's protective casing allowing the dark matter to take damage and redirect it. Rashomon's tendrils can now take the form of multiple spears to be hurled at a target as well.



I am the one thing in life I can control
I am inimitable, I am an original
Xzavier || (X-zay-vee-err)

Spanish meaning: "The New House"

Scent: Vanilla, Lemon balm, Sage

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Accent: none

Alignment: Neutral good



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