Philip Minrathos Martagnius

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"Fifteen years old and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes
Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends
Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don't reckon that I did it right
But I was younger then, take me back to when-"


Minrathos is a pillar of gentle kindness, and it reflects on his body like a mirror. He is formed with soft, slender curves and almost feminine elegance- his fur is unusually soft, so much so that it's touch as akin to the lightest down. It shines like silk, and is just as smooth and welcoming to embrace. Many have said that It is the softest substance they had the fortune to encounter. It always holds a comforting cinnamon and nutmeg scent that wafts when he moves. He is shapely and becoming, with a sort of fragility about him, as though he were porcelain. His pelt is largely of dark, inky black, underlaid with gentle dappling of slate grey, traveling from his underbelly and bottom of his neck, up the lines of his haunch and shoulder, and trailing faintly along his face to frame his eyes. He bears wisplike white stripes, symmetrical on either side of his body- they reside along his sides, his upper forelegs, hind knees, lower cheeks, and below his neck. His hooves are smooth and a grey that almost hints at brick, while his skin is a gentle, dark pink. You can see this tone on his belly, nose, and ears.

His mane and tail are his pride and joy. His forelock falls over his eyes in glittering silvery white waves, secured by a golden fixture. Along the curve of his neck, the mane is short cropped, until you reach the juncture of his shoulder, where once again it falls in a sort of 'ponytail'. This peice is also in place with gold, and the length enables it to, at times, just barely brush his chest. His tail is very, very long, and drags behind him in luxurious elegance. Despite constantly dragging against the ground, somehow it never seems to get dirty. The end curls in light ringlets.

Rath adorns himself in gilded golden jewelry, giving him a sort of regality despite his innocent nature. His nostrils are joined by a shining bull ring, while twin hoops pierce his left ear. Along both sides of his neck, thin golden chains drape in double curves. His lower neck, in addition, is pierced with odd golden hoops- it looks like they were painful to receive, but he is not bothered by their prescence. His left fore leg, along the upper portion, is wrapped in similar chain, while his left hind is adorned with gilded bangles. His tail is hung with the same draping gold as his neck.

His eyes do not match- the left is bright, carribean blue, but the right is red. Red, with a bright white ring as a pupil, fading outward.

He has noticeable scarring on his left shoulder, and lower right fore leg. These come in thin, faded slashes, and both sets possess a scar in the shape of an X.


"We found weekend jobs, when we got paid
We'd buy cheap spirits and drink them straight
Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we've grown
But I can't wait to go home-"


Minrathos is an incredibly sweet, gentle individual. He is endlessly kind, and a hopeless romantic- love and all its attachments are key to his very being, pouring outward from him like a wellspring of light. Raised in the lower class, but with all the elegance of nobility, he was formed since birth to be welcoming and generous, sharing what little he and his family had with their neighbors in need.

Always will he wear a smile to those who deserve it, and, sadly, even for those who do not; it is in this way he is incredibly flawed. Nearly incapable of seeing the negative side of a person's soul, he often places his trust and his life in the hands of those who should never have chance to hold them. Naive in many ways, he will foolishly pledge all sorts of kindness and assistance to individuals darker than night. He is by no means stupid- he sees the bad, but rather, ignores it. He will always have an excuse for the offending party, excusing their evil to stem from reasons he comprehends in their personality, as he is a skilled empath and gifted with insight. He has many times been called ignorant, but stalwartly, and heartbreakingly, will defend someone even after they stab him in the back.

He is incredibly polite and respectful, a gentleman in manner as well as bearing, but this composed facade almost always dissolves into childlike inquisitiveness and a playful mein. He is a very good listener, and has a trustworthy and loving demeanor that causes secrets to be poured over him like sweet honey- and he would never tell, never betray a person's trust when placed upon him. Helpfulness is a defining feature of this stallion, as he finds great pleasure in assisting those in need. You will find no equal to his compassion and empathy. He will lend a hoof in any way he can, and loyalty can always be expected of him. Innocent in all actions, and with such purity of soul that one often wonders how his sweetness survived this long in the harsh world. He despises violence of any sort, and constantly seeks peace and diplomacy in conflict. His heart is his gift, and he always uses it to its full extent.


"And I'm on my way, I still remember
These old country lanes
When we did not know the answers
And I miss the way you make me feel, it's real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill"


Philip Minrathos Martagnius was born amidst the poor, lowly sect of a thriving city, in a tiny hut near the district walls. His mother raised him alone- his sire had died before his birth. In spite of the stress of poverty and the heartbreak of raising her son alone, she remained a kind, compassionate woman. Having given her boy a name that was far more elegant than any she had heard in their lowly district, she treated him as her little prince, though they scraped and saved for every coin that came their way; and indeed, as he grew, he became beloved by their neighborhood. Even in times of great famine, they would share what little they had with those around them. His mother, having once been of magnificent beauty and skill, would bring back the memories of her youth and dance for them, lifting their spirits like nothing else could.

Even half-starved, her expertise was unequaled. She could put a smile on a child's face, make the old come to tears. She would dance in taverns for entertainment, earning the majority of their income through music. Her voice was silk when she sang, and none could deny how free she seemed, whether she danced on a stage or on the old stone street for their neighbors. This grace and love of music she passed to her beloved son.

From birth, young Minrathos had been a sweet and caring boy. He trailed after his mother, giving even his meager share of food to the smaller children in need. He would watch his mother dance and learn each movement, every way that her eyes sparkled and her smile fluttered. At night when his belly rumbled with hunger she would distract him, bidding him to copy each step until he could dance at her side, matching her motion for motion. Such was her pride in him that she would allow him into her performances, in short bursts until he grew older. Soon, he was so skilled as to rival even her- but she didnt mind. This, after all, was her boy. And no son ever loved his mother as much as he.

He was determined to help pull his mother from poverty. Now old enough to ask for his own payment during performances, they could together earn twice as much. Now, even when his mother fell asleep late in the night, he would take extra jobs in the nicer, better paying bars and eventually high class balls and parties far on the other side of the city. He would walk there for hours each afternoon so he could sing and dance for the rich. It was this that earned him enough income to save, tucking away in secret for nearly two years. With so much coming in and more and more venues asking for his performance, he grew his savings until they were enough to finally accomplish his only goal: giving his mother a better life.

When he finally revealed to her more money than she had ever seen and gave it all to her, she could do nothing but weep. She tried to refuse his gift, for he had earned this himself. She urged him to take it all and give himself a life of comfort. Minrathos, of course, did no such thing. They purchased a small but very comfortable home in the marketplace, there selling silks and their expertise at their musical trade. He learned to make clothing, and took up sewing his own outifts for every occasion of performance.

When his mother had a thriving little bussiness and enough coin to retire in comfort, Minrathos could finally realize his own secret dreams. For the lively young stallion had always had a hidden yearning for adventure. He never voiced his wishes aloud, but his kind mother knew that if she let him, her son would give his entire life helping her. She could not let him waste himself as her caretaker. She got up early one day, packed his knapsack full of food and supplies for his travels, and when he woke to find her crying over his travel pack... No words could express his great love, and his great sadness. Together they walked to the road outside the city, and as she stood at the end of the bridge, they found their hearts too full for goodbyes. He simply smiled through his tears and kissed her cheek, and they stood with their heads curled over each other's shoulders for long minutes, as if this embrace was the only thing keeping their hearts from breaking. She could not force farewells from her lips, so she bid him only a firm order to take great care over himself, and that his clothes were in his knapsack, and the food wrapped on top. He knew, as surely as he knew his own name, what these words really meant; I love you, I'll miss you, goodbye.

He returned this unspoken sentiment, and though it was the hardest thing he had ever done, he forced himself to walk down the road, leaving the mother he loved behind him for what could possibly be the rest of his life. Not knowing whther they would meet again almost made him turn back- but he put one foot in front of the other until the stone turned to earth and grass. His mother watched her son dissapear from sight, and their tears could have watered the earth.


Minrathos' current outfits are as follows;


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