Princess Aurora de Chaufourier, the Maiden of Flowers

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Aurora is a lithe and angular creature made up of long legs and silken hair. Her edges are shape due to her breed influences giving her an almost delicate feel. However it would be unwise to underestimate the young princess from a distance. Up close it is easy to see that she is laced with honed muscle giving her a toned look. Her eyes, one of her most noticeable features, are a stormy blue that seem to glisten with every bit of fury that a storm would bring when she grows angry. When happy they soften a bit but never losing their dark edge. Those eyes are framed by white causing them to stand out even more from the badger face marking that spreads up from between her nostrils to settle over her forehead. Her coat is a soft isabella palomino with her nose dusted in pink thanks to the champagne. Her legs are slightly darker than her body, though these points are mostly hidden behind a set of unmatched stockings.

A pair of beautiful wings sprout from Aurora's back. The top side matching her body perfectly while the feathers on the edges of the underside are paler. Adorning the upper part of her right front leg is a simple tattoo of a lotus, a reference to her nickname as the Maiden of Flowers or Flower of Bressoncourt. Her father had not been pleased upon seeing it and the knights who were meant to be guarding her the knight she had sneaked into town were sufficiently chastised. Though most were more than happy to take the blame just to see a smile grace the young girl's face.

Her mane is near white and long, soft curls that roll elegantly from her crest like a sparkling waterfall. Her tail is equally long, reached past her hooves and spreading slightly on the ground behind her. Though somehow the ends never seem to dirty. Her tail is almost always braided otherwise the thick sections may be come unruly and unbecoming and Aurora was taught to always be a good example of her kingdom. When dressed the part, Aurora prefers light draped fabrics over traditional and restrictive clothing. She has a preference for soft blue and pale pink. Her jewelry is often gold and consists of mane accents, nose ring, earrings, and a traditional royal family headdress featuring a butterfly.


Growing up as royalty granted Aurora access to some of the finest tutors that her kingdom had to offer. Thanks to this Aurora is equal parts intelligent, polite, and ----. She knows how to put on a kind face no matter what she is feeling and hide her uncertain and negative emotions behind that mask. No stranger to the intrigue of court, Aurora finds herself fascinated by others. Though this is not limited to the highborn nobles that she associated with as a child. She would eagerly seek out a conversation with a 'nobody' if it meant learning more about just about anything.

She finds the notion of being a princess to be a novelty not worth having. Though she will be the first to admit she has no idea how to be anything other than a princess. She was raised and groomed a certain way. And while she learned a great many things in her schooling it left her with massive gaps in her knowledge when it comes to being something such as a commoner. Some might consider her spoiled, though she would be quick to point out that she could live without the gaudy outfits most of the nobles of Bressoncourt were donning.

Aurora is fearful of her own failure. She also fears what her image and mistakes may do to her kingdom and family. She would gladly sacrifice herself for their benefit. Despite her running away from what would have been a doomed marriage, Aurora would have gone back. (Had she not stumbled across the Bifrost, that is.) Having tossed away her mantle as princess for the first time in her life just goes to show what a romantic at heart she truly is. The idea of true love is a beautiful concept to Aurora, though she is slowly becoming jaded to the idea after what happened with Vincent.

While she is incredibly gifted at hiding her true emotions, that is not to say her armor is unbreakable. Aurora tends to have a bit of a nasty temper and will resort to stomping her feet and whining to get her way. She had her father wrapped around her finger with this kind of behavior and she never truly grew out of it. She doesn't show these sides of herself lightly, and only those that have seen her true heart get the glimpse of the real Aurora. The Aurora behind the mask-- the girl, not the princess.


The Kingdom of Bressoncourt, while small, was a thriving area full of happiness and prosperity. Considered unassuming and insignificant by most it was beloved by those that dwelled within the safety of it's borders. The union between King Baudouin and Queen Fiona had been arranged since their births and when they finally met a wonderful love blossomed between them almost instantaneously. Upon their ascent to the thrones they assumed being together would bring them their greatest happiness. That was before their first child was born. The Crown Prince Barthélemy. A brilliant bronze coat and dark points-- the Pride of Bressoncourt. The eventual heir, Barthélemy was taught to one day be a strong leader as he grew. Next was Prince Lionel-- The Strength of Bressoncourt. He too was graced by the bronze coat though his points were lightened and nose pinked by champagne. Two dark haired strong boys. The sovereigns could not be more happy.

And then she arrived. A bundle of beautiful pale gold with locks of near ivory. She too was blessed by champagne giving her pale pink nose it's known rosiness. The Maiden of Bressoncourt, and later known as the Maiden of Flowers due to the widespread flowers that bloomed on the fateful spring day when she first opened her stormy blue eyes to the world. With two older brothers, Aurora was often off playing with them rather than attending her etiquette lessons much to the chagrin of her tutors. As they were older, Barthélemy and Lionel had already completed much of their tutelage.

As she grew older it became a game to her, hiding from her family's knights that tried to corral the young princess and keep her beneath their watchful eyes. She was found giggling among the flowers in the valley or running down the nearby beach on many occasions. She loved the smell of freedom. Her parents worried for her. Not because she was a free spirit, but because she was the youngest. Barthélemy would be king. Lionel a knight captain. But what of Aurora? She could not stay forever and so they set forth to find a union that would benefit her.

It didn't take long to find him.

Crown Prince Vincent of Burgkhammer. He was a year older than Aurora and already known for his intelligence and charm. He came from a neighboring kingdom known for their large armies and tough security. It seemed the perfect place for their precious little girl. For the next few years Aurora was told stories of Vincent and she eagerly awaited the day they would meet. She had asked about the tale of her parents thousands of times over the years and she was eager to begin her own love story. Finally the day arrived that she would meet him. With a small envoy of her family's trusted knights, including one Sir Percival who she had known since she was small, she traveled to Burgkhammer.

He was breathtaking. Aurora felt something constrict in her chest and a blush flame upon her cheeks. She thought it was love. It wasn't. She found herself captivated by his eloquent way of speaking, chiseled jaw, and well kept locks. He was deep chocolate in color with eyes of glimmering blue like twin lagoons. His pale blonde locks were braided neatly along the thick curl of his neck and his smile was flawless. Everything she had hoped he would be. Though her happiness would be fleeting. He courted her with smiles and tales of his valiance and she clung to every word. They walked the gardens and she silently thanked her tutors for never giving up on her with those etiquette lessons.

A few months passed as she was getting to know her betrothed. Few of the knights had remained, most having returned to Bressoncourt. By chance, Aurora had come across Vincent in the sprawling gardens. There he was whispering sweet nothings to another woman. At first she didn't believe it. Though memories of the whispered rumors of his rogue-ish and womanizing ways swam back to her. She could not be with him. This wasn't the true love her parents had. The alliance had been a smart one for Bressoncourt as they lacked the sheer power that Burgkhammer did. For the first time in her life she cast aside her duty as princess. In that moment she was just Aurora. She fled Burgkhammer, running as fast as her legs could carry her with no idea where she was going.


"a flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love."

Apprentice - LOCKED
In the earliest stages of her arcana, Aurora can only control that which already exists. She can manipulate and control plant life such as flowers, trees, vines, and parts of plants individually.

Adept - LOCKED
Now more experienced with her arcana, Aurora can now create plants from nothing. Creating a few flowers is easy and not at all taxing. Larger projects such as creating a tree is both exhausting and time consuming, though can be done with sufficient concentration and preparation. Her growing knowledge on plants themselves allows her to create other materials from them, though this is life skill and not directly tied to her imbued magic. Creating is not limited to plants themselves and she can construct and create armor around herself or others, as an example.

Master - LOCKED
Vastly more experienced with her powers now, Aurora can control the pheromones and toxins of the plants she creates and controls. These range from toxins that create small rashes to ones such as hemlock which can cause a very painful death. Pheromones can illicit feelings such as anger, sadness, lust, or happiness. She can also manipulate the DNA of plants, changing their structure to better benefit her or even something small as an aesthetic change.

Virtuoso - LOCKED
Now performing at her best, Aurora no longer struggles with the difficult tasks of her powers. She can now create golems and constructs from plant life and bend them to her will. Such as animals made of strong trees or vines that crawl and spit poison like snakes.

Naturally, Aurora's arcana's weakness is fire. While she could use her powers against a fire elemental she will need to think rationally and quickly. Going head to head against fire with leave her defeated without even a second glance. Do not mistake her weakness to the flaming embers for fear however.


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