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Halani, at first glance, is a nimble and lithe creature. She is made of fine lines and supple curves that accentuate her feminine charms. Though she does herself no favors when it comes to keeping up appearances. She has an elegant head with soft features. Her eyes are large and expressive, a startling bright sky blue. They are framed in kohl that freckles out slightly that seems even darker still against her near white lashes. The blaze that adorns her face extends over one ear but leaves the other untouched. Her left eye is surrounded by her base color thanks to a break in her marking. Her left nostril is marked by the same dark color that frames her bright eyes. Spiraling from her forehead is a long white horn. Halani's ears are slightly elongated, having a sleek curl at the tip.

Her coat is a beautiful chestnut pangare that lightens the area around her barrel and down her legs. Her neck and back are dotted in beautiful spots that fade along with the pangare. Brilliant white splash markings crawl their way up her legs. Her mane and tail are unbelievably thick and unkempt more often than not. She will, occasionally, ball her mane up into big buns as best she can to keep it out of her face. Though this is never done as a fashion statement and merely for productivity's sake. Her hooves are the inky black of an oil spill and have a deep shine to them.

Halani sometimes wears a beautiful pale green cloak embroidered with a plant pattern and a shining golden sun clasp. When ready for battle or when scouting she prefers an easy to move around in armor set. Not as bulky as a traditional knight's armor, Halani's armor is made for a rogue such as herself. She completes the look with her bow and quiver, both hints to her Dalish heritage. When she fights purposefully rather than unplanned, Halani paints her face with something her clan calls "blood writing."


Halani would be considered obnoxious by some (or even most) people. She has a tendency to be blunt to the point of being perceived as rude. She won't sugarcoat things when she can help it and prefers to be upfront. Lying is not something that comes easily to her as it does others. Though despite her shortcomings, Halani is fiercely loyal to those she considers her own. Whether it be because the share the same blood or because she's forged a bond with them. She enjoys adventuring and scouting, having been a hunter of her clan before leaving it.

She feels a strong bond to nature, and to her former gods. Despite no longer living the lifestyle of the Dalish, Halani still considers their teachings in all aspects of her life. Though this does not mean she shirks the deities of other lands, fully believing there to be more out there than just what she was taught. While she is more than willing to accept a land's deities as her own, she will never fully push the elven pantheon from her thoughts.

Halani seeks companionship and closeness, though not necessarily in a romantic notion. She craves friendship though has a hard time creating lasting bonds at time because of her former nomadic lifestyle. Not one to run when things get tough, Halani would prefer to rush head first into situations with her bow drawn. Refusing to sit on the sidelines, Halani will be on the front lines whenever necessary.


Halani was born in a large nomadic band of Dalish horses. Her father was the keeper of her tribe, essentially a spiritual leader. Her mother was a member of the hahren, a grouping of elders. It was expected from when she was very small that Halani would show magical talent and follow in her father's footsteps as a keeper. As a child, Halani was exceedingly curious and often sneaked off into the woods to explore without the safety of company. She spied on travelers for a time before she became brave enough to approach. While this was deeply frowned upon, Halani paid no heed to the warnings and continued her foolishness. As she reached maturity she had not shown an inkling of latent magical abilities and it was obvious she would not be following after her father. It was a disappointment to most of the clan, though Halani was more than happy to shirk the responsibility off her shoulders. Her father elected an apprentice and things moved on.

Instead, Halani took on the mantle of a hunter. One of the youngest to rise to the rank of a full hunter in years, Halani was the pride of the tribe for another reason than had been expected of her. Though the warnings about messing with strangers continued they would always fall on deaf ears. She had a mind of her own and refused to adhere to rules she didn't believe in.

Due to her father's position the tribe was able to ignore her attitude and rule breaking for a time. Though eventually it got to be more than they could bare. She was becoming a danger to their way of life. They couldn't settle in any one place too long because Halani was inadvertently drawing attention to them. She was told to leave and find her own place without them. Though Halani was saddened to leave her family, she knew it was for the best. Both for the clan and for herself. It was the first time she listened when someone told her to do something. So Halani moved on from her life, finding herself on her own great adventure.


Halani does not have any magical abilities.


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