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20 Hands | Gold Champagne | Red Eyes | Red Tattoos | Chimeric | Winged | Scarred

Antiope is remarkably tall for a mare with a striking appearance. Strong-boned, Antiope is far from a dainty damsel in distress. She is considerably thick, wrought with heavy musculature from a life of fighting and training, though is still rather pleasant to the eye. Her frame is broad and imposing with toned musculature that gives her a strange grace of her own variety, even though she is far from feminine in the conventional sense of the word. Despite her lack of femininity, Antiope's movements are fluid and she moves with a strange swagger that is typically seen with stallions. It is not uncommon for Antiope to be mistaken for a stallion on some occasions - she appears rather androgynous and finds no offense if a mistake is made. The warrior is both handsome and beautiful and takes great pride in her physique.

Her body is a brilliant shade of golden champagne that seems to shimmer in the sun, despite not being as well kept as it should be. Her mane and tail are considered dirty blonde and are considerably long and thick, yet surprisingly healthy despite her harsh life. Her eyes are a rich red in color are flecked with shades of oranges and golds, much like fire opals. White that runs along the sides of her face and down her muzzle, painting her muzzle white. Antiope has four jagged edged white stockings on her legs, however, her front stockings end before the knees while her rear stockings seem to taper off above the gaskins. Antiope's coat bears the undeniable mark of being a chimera; a copper toned russet runs in ragged lines down her back, rump, and rear legs. The same russet spans across Antiope's broad chest, ironically appearing in the shape of a second set of wings.

Antiope has tattoos comprised of slashes and swirls that are a deep, rich red. The markings run along the front of her throat, sides of her neck, and on her face. She has large, strong feathered wings that sprout from her shoulders that bear an impressive wingspan - a must to carry both her weight and the weight of her armor. Her wings are a blend of russet and champagne; the flight feathers are a darker gold on the outside, while a softer cream that blends into a champagne on the inside.

If her physique was not enough, Antiope bears the ornate armor of an anointed paladin. When fully attired in her armor, the mare is rather intimidating to approach. On a daily basis, Antiope forgoes her armor so she may travel lighter and quicker; instead, she simply travels with her red cloak, which is held by ruby crusted gold clasps around her front legs.


Following the battle against Fenrir in the autumn of year 502, Antiope now sports mare scars. While her armor saved her wings from being completely disabled, it did not save Antiope from damage completely. The warrior now bears heavy scars around the joint of her left wing and scarring on her right shoulder. Feathers are still missing, rendering her flying abilities a bit more strenuous than it should be, but the feathers will return with time.


A scar now crosses over her right eye and meets the rest of the scarring on the right side of her face; she is fortunate enough to have not been blinded. Other scars along her shoulders, rump, and neck and appeared as well - the result of her burns caused by lightning meeting her steel plate armor. These burn scars are small and subtle, mostly congregating around were the hard points of Antiope's armor hugs her skin.


"I know what I’m doing and the risks that come with it."

Courageous | Loyal | Honorable | Headstrong
Independent | Insomniac | Cynical | Sarcastic

From the moment she took her first breath, Antiope was a fighter.

Faced with disappointment at her birth, the warrior cast aside the roles acceptable for her gender that her kingdom expected of her. She fought with hoof, wing, and tooth to the top to prove herself - to prove that mare could be just as strong and lethal as stallions. Antiope is far from ladylike. Any hopes her mother had died the day Antiope cast aside jewels for swords. Despite such, she is still a respectable, loyal mare to those she swears fealty to. A lifetime of scorn and condescension changed her to become rather pragmatic and blunt, though normally she doesn't mean to cause offense. However, her lack of ire when mocked proves that Antiope has nerves of steel. She is completely unafraid to face off against warriors as powerful or as intimidating herself. Fueled by her determination, Antiope is fearless, albeit somewhat reckless on occasion, and will fight to the bitter end.

Antiope has a strong sense of independence. She dislikes having to depend on anyone, even for the smallest of things. She tends to be rather blunt and straight to the point, regardless if her honest opinion will hurt someone's feelings. A rather brash mare, she can sometimes be too rough and can be hard to get along with. Despite her rough edges, she's fairly confident in herself and her abilities to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. She is quick to jump to someone's defense if they need it, regardless if they asked for help or not. She's overprotective, mostly due to her upbringing and of being the oldest child. Antiope is the type who acts first and thinks later; she relies heavily on her gut instinct and goes with what it tells her, rather than sit back and think about the consequences. She's bull-headed, to the point where she will argue her stance all night long even if it's wrong. She's proud of who she is and where she comes from and doesn't let anyone try to bring her down.

When first approached, Antiope seems to be made of stone when meeting her. Insults hardly sway her due to her youth, making it difficult to taunt the mare into a fight. She is armored, both literally and figuratively, until she warms up to those around her. Compassion and duty are her foundations and have kept her going when all she wanted to do was give up. A lonely soul at times, being welcomed somewhere and being valued is what will make Antiope thaw. Some note that the best way to get to know her is by fighting her...Or perhaps offering her a beer and a spot by your fire.

Antiope suffers from insomnia, stemming from nightmares and flashbacks to her past. This generally leads to her restlessly sleeping only a handful of hours. She sleeps during the darkest hours of the night so she may not be caught off guard.


"Whatever happens to me, don’t turn back."

Antiope was born to a lesser noble couple, Kyros and Calla, as their firstborn in a kingdom called Kythira. Kyros was disappointed that their first child hadn't been the colt he wanted, but Calla was over the moon about having a little girl. While her mother coddled her, her father often pushed her around and treated her like the son he had originally wanted. Because of such, Antiope was often conflicted growing up on how to act and behave around adults and foals alike. She eventually grew more comfortable with behaving more like the son and heir her father had desired; despite the fact such behavior was unwanted in a filly. Her mother tried to teach her otherwise but came to accept her tomboyish daughter when it was clear Antiope was never going to change. When Antiope was two, her younger brother was born. At last, Kyros had his son and heir...Yet it was not enough.

It was soon after Orion's birth that their father left their mother. After nearly a year of constant fighting, Orion awoke one morning and left his slumbering family. He claimed war had come for their kingdom and swept away in the night, never to be seen again. Antiope and Orion were too young to understand at the time, so their father's disappearance affected their mother the most. Despite such, Calla gathered herself up as best as she could to raise her children to the best of her abilities. It was at this point Antiope knew that until Orion could come into his inheritance, someone had to be the head of their family. And so Antiope took up a sword and shield despite the mockery of others, determined not to let her family crumble apart further.

Training became Antiope's life, so much so that the young mare would slip away from her barracks at night to train her younger brother. She was determined to help turn Orion into a "man", so to speak, by training the young boy how to fight and teaching him how to be a proper stallion; much like their father would have done, if he hadn't left them. And such was Antiope's life, for a time: train by day, train by night, and sleep very little. Orion was hardly older than a boy when a true war spilled into their kingdom. He was swept away by the call of war, yet Antiope was barred from protecting him. 'Guard the city' they said, after all - who better to guard the women and children than the hulking she-beast herself? Their mockery fell on seemingly deaf ears, though Antiope internally raged. She watched all the noble boys who were ripped from their homes with a heavy heart, praying to whatever God would answer her plea to spare Orion. However, fate was not kind to Antiope. Orion returned home upon his shield, to a city kept safe by his sister. They said he had fought valiantly, but Antiope knew their words were a hollow attempt to placate her mother. Antiope knew better; they had led her brother to die like a lamb at slaughter. He had never had any hope of surviving.

Her mother's wails that day drove Antiope to fight harder, faster, and longer than ever before. She grew a skin made of iron, growing immune to the mockery of the men around her. Eventually, the tides turned. Suddenly she was besting them, casting them aside like playthings, taking other sparring partners on two or three at a time. Her strength drew the eye of the general, drawing her under his tutelage. After being promoted to a General, much to the chagrin of others, Antiope found love. A common mare by birth, Philomena was still a pretty thing with a mahogany coat, locks as black as a raven’s feathers, and the fairest blue eyes she had ever seen. At least to Antiope, she was, and she was hopelessly smitten. Philomena moved into Antiope's home, caring for her elderly mother. The two lived happily, providing Antiope with a sense of peace for the first time in her life.

However, peace was not meant to last. Civil war erupted in the realm, tearing the royal houses apart. Despite her strength and courage, Antiope could not save everyone. In the bloodbath that followed, Antiope ensured the safety of the royal family she loyally served - but paid a heavy price. Aware that there was no hope of a victory as the tides of war changed against them, she fled to her home to evacuate her small family, only to find the residence had been ransacked and burned. Calla and Philomena were gone - ripped away from her and burned - leaving the great warrior without the only two things that mattered most to her anymore. With a great roar, the chimeric mare slashed and gored her way through the battlefield.

Eventually Antiope stumbled away from the battlefield bloodied, battered, and worse for wear after exacting her revenge. The screams of the dying filled her ears and the scent of burning flesh was seared into her mind. There was no hope of victory, no matter how hard she fought. She had no other choice other than to retreat, but...Gazing upon the horror before her, she knew there was another option. She fled the battlefield, leaving the charred remains of her past behind her.

As time has passed and her wounds healed, Antiope now wanders to find a new purpose in life.


Antiope finds herself in Caeleste not long after the war that torn Kythira asunder. She spends almost a full year alone, trying to piece herself back together again. During her hermit months, Antiope is blessed by a deity native to Caeleste's lands called Sharad. He grants her a magic far stronger than she could have ever imagined: unnatural, almost God-like strength. After spending so many years distrustful of gods, Antiope finds that the deities of Caeleste have slowly wormed their ways into her heart. Not long after Sharad's blessing, Antiope is recruited by an emperor to lead his army. This always Antiope to return to the militant way of life she is used to, even becoming a General once more, but...something is missing. Her new life doesn't quite seem right.

When the emperor calls for a war in response to the murder of his child, Antiope answers - only to be severely disappointed and betrayed when the emperor makes a deal behind his people's back with the very herd that harbored the assassin. Disgusted by his choices, Antiope leaves her command and takes up the mantle of a hermit once more. It is only when she meets another disillusioned, timeworn warrior that she feels as though she is finally finding her path. After nearly a decade of serving others, her newfound friend convinces Antiope to follow what her gut has been telling her to do all along. In the end, Antiope sweeps into a kingdom called Vasanta, after its patron goddess, and becomes the new sovereign. Yet, not all is at it seemed. The crown didn't sit right; her throne awkward and unbecoming of a soldier turned ruler. She tries to mold the throne to fit herself, or perhaps the throne tries to change her to better fit Vasanta - but it was all for naught.

Knowing her people were in the capable hands of her second in command and good friend, Antiope slipped away from Caeleste in the middle of the night to further seek her destiny. It was out there, somewhere...But where had yet to be seen.


Autumn, Year 2

Antiope stumbles into Fim - disheartened by destiny derailing her despite her best attempts to find her path in life. She remains a rogue, or Nonpartisan as the locals called equines like her, and sticks close to the central territories of Fim once she is free of the Bifrost. Intent on refraining from swearing loyalty to any House, fate throws a monkey wrench into Antiope's plan for a hermit lifestyle. The Gods of Fim go to war, and Espen's call for aid compels Antiope to fly North. Despite having sworn no oaths to any god of Fim (yet), she fights alongside those who would see the Bear-God saved. As if her brutal punishments by Fenrir's lupine minions wasn't enough, all their efforts are in vain. She watches as Espen is slain and his body sent into the midnight water below the ice. Watching the slain ursine deity slip away from them is a shock to her system, jolting Antiope into realizing many things.

Vinter, Year 2

With the death of Espen serving as her primary motivation, Antiope sweeps into the Ambrosius holdings and challenges its incumbent sovereign, Caelian. She sees him as inexperienced and ill-equipped to avenge Espen's demise, let along ensure the safety of the kingdom now that their god was gone. After a hard battle, Antiope emerges victorious as Ambrosius's newest monarch. Time will only tell how the rest of this story plays out...



Antiope is obviously and unnaturally stronger than others of her race because her capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level. This makes her immensely stronger than normal members of her species and what can be achieved by any method of training.

Antiope finds that her arcana is generally only activated with a lot of focus, or by sudden emotional upheavals. This frustrates her but does not stop her from using her super strength and testing its limits. Antiope often deals with random flare-ups of her sorcery as she learns to control it. For now, her range is limited to being able to lift, move, push, etc. objects that are too heavy for regular horses. Exhaustion is common if she uses her arcana often; loss of consciousness is rare but can occur if she exerts herself too much or rather suddenly (i.e. sudden defense out of instinct, or to Hulk-rage on something/someone).

Antiope now has more control over her arcana, though it is still easily triggered by her emotions or other significant events. She can now control it for a slightly longer period of time. She can channel her strength and energy to cause small shockwaves either through her body or through her hooves. Though they aren't earth-rattling tremors, they are strong enough to effectively throw attackers off balance. She can move large objects with more ease and does not tire as easily. Any kicks or strikes by Antiope are stronger and can easily break bones like it's child's play.

Master: LOCKED
At this stage, Antiope fully understands what she can and cannot do - though there is little that she can't do. She can use her arcana longer without tiring as easily. Her emotions tend to cause a huge influx of arcana which can have devastating effects if not properly controlled. Antiope is no longer exhausted to the point of unconsciousness when pushed to her limits but can be very fatigued if she pushes it. She is still able to shatter boulders, kick large trees down, and create cracks in the earth by striking it but now causes even more damage. Cracks in the earth are not uncommon when Antiope seems to lose control of her temper.

Virtuoso: LOCKED
Antiope is no longer worn out, drained, or exhausted when using her arcana. She can lift or move objects of nearly infinite mass and weight. Can cause earthquakes via hoof stomps, as well as split the earth in a similar fashion. Capable of withstanding great impacts that would normally crush, incapacitate, or even kill another being.


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