Promoting creativity, communicability, and comradery in members of the equine role-play is our primary goal here on Fymm by offering a unique and self-automated environment that allows our players to uncover the history of a unique world and develop it via their character interactions and decisions. Fymm is a newly discovered realm ripe for exploration; uncover the mysteries behind Kur, Badur, and Esentu's crippled keeps, traverse the wide expanses of eclectic biomes, and help the Commission colonize a new home in this untouched world. This high fantasy equine role-play is designed with a laid-back posting environment that also supports self sufficiency in the players. We hope to see you, a new Pathfinder, help discover the plethora of mysteries hidden throughout the entirety of Fymm!

Using the Mandates

For the best experience, it is suggested that you read the Mandates in its entirety. While Fymm offers different experiences from casual role-play to more serious, goal oriented role-play, it is best to familiarize yourself with every aspect of the site. It is easiest if you begin with the OOC and IC rules then move forward onto Gameplay. Immersion is an optional section that allows players to get an in depth look into the world of Fymm and its inhabitants as well as the growth the characters have inspired, and isn't necessarily pertinent to direct gameplay - but there is a bunch of cool stuff in there, so it is highly recommended!

last updated: 10/7/2019


1. First and foremost, Fymm is a fantasy equine role-play with it's primary plot driven by the member's characters. It is meant to emulate old school, sandbox role-play while also introducing some aspects of the newer, popular role-play mechanics.

1.1. Characters must be equine. Other species/breeds allowed include: zebras, donkeys, and mules.

2. The content within this site is suitable for ages 16 and up and registered users are required to be 16 or older. This site may contain material with fantasy violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, blood, and moderate use of strong language.

2.1. These themes will still be marked mature and trigger warnings are expected, so it is up to member discretion what they can and cannot read based on these tags.

2.2. For more information on our rating, please see the official ESRB site.

3. Fymm is a unique fantasy equine, play-by-post, role-play. Each character and OOC (aka Player) receives its own account.

4. After you've made your Player account, please go to Player Account Approval to have your account activated.

5. All character accounts should be attached via Account Switcher to your Player and you must attach them while logged into your OOC (just makes your life easier) as site mechanics feed off the Account Switcher connections.

6. Before you dive into making your character, make sure you read our Gameplay section in their entirety.

7. No overtly graphic, sexist, racist, pornographic material will be tolerated. All members are expected to be respectful and tolerant of one another. Fymm wishes to provide a safe, creative, and welcoming environment for everyone.

7.1. This being said, swearing is allowed with the caveat of staff discretion. If we feel this rule is abused, affirmative action will be taken.

8. Staff are to have the utmost respect. Failure to comply with a staff member will result in punishment. If you happen to be having an issue with a staff member, then please contact Spoupi.

8.1. If you are experiencing disrespect or any other similar negative experiences with another member, please bring it privately to staff's attention.

8.2. Staff reserve the right to take corrective action with any member who they feel deteriorates the welcoming and laid back environment of our community.

9. Our Discord is there for general conversation, plotting, and sharing between players and not for advertising other sites.

9.1. We ask that you respectfully use the appropriate OOC board located on site if you would like to advertise another role play.

9.2. Repeated offense to this rule will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the Discord server.

9.3. For more Discord rules, please see the designated channel located there.

10. No stealing (ripping) of images, stock, characters, etc... will be tolerated. Punishment for this is an immediate and permanent ban from Fim.

10.1. This includes creating characters closely based off of those in TV shows, movies, games, etc...

10.2. For example, a member cannot make a Joker character that parallels the canon character. Members can, however, draw inspiration from the Clown Prince of Crime as long as there are sufficient enough differences that differentiate the two characters so that they could stand on their own. If staff determine your character is too similar in arch, story, and personality to a pre-existing character we reserve the right to deny the character.

10.3. This also extends to general plagarism which will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate temporary ban.

11. Absolutely no IC-to-OOC, or vice versa, drama is tolerated on Fymm. We strive for a drama-free, fair space to enjoy the recreation of equine role-play at our own pace.

11.1. If you feel you are being targeted by the previously mentioned situation, please privately reach out to staff so we can help resolve the issue.

11.2 This being said, we also expect members to understand that character choices, interactions, and decisions do not reflect the player's opinion. A character disagreeing or disapproving of another character does not automatically translate to OOC-to-IC drama.


1. As briefly mentioned earlier, Fymm is a play-at-your-own-pace environment. While Member A may post every day, Member B can post once a month. While some Site Wide Plots, Events, or mechanics may be time-based the general role-play experience we provide is to the comfort of your own schedule.

2. It is best practice to utilize the User CP's Away Status when taking any leave of absence to ensure that your ideal role-play experience. To learn how to update your Away Status and see who else is on absence please see the Absences page available in the sidebar.

2.1. In the case of an absence, members who are challenged or are the victims of a steal will have the interaction postponed until the day after their expected return date. For example, I take a leave of absence from 1/1 to 1/4. Any and all challenges/steals posted in that date await my return and start their 3 day count down on 1/5. However, any absences over one week (7 days) in length will only protect the member for those first 7 days. For example, I go on vacation from 2/1-2/20. The countdown for challenges/steals posted against me will not start to countdown until 2/8. If I failed to have an alternative spymaster or commander enlisted before my leave to defend the colony, I would lose to the challenger/stealer on 2/11 if I fail to reply.

3. While there are no posting requirements on Fymm absences still may effect aspects of game play. Members that go inactive without an active absence notice consent to being deleted if not posted in an activity check which are run typically every 6 months. Members who are deleted forfeit all their account and character gains/items.

General IC

1. Absolutely no power-playing unless previously verified with the character's roleplayer or with the confirmation of dice rolls.

1.1. Powerplaying is when a member "assumes control" of the other character. Examples are automatic hits in a battle/challenge (without dice roll confirmation), assuming a character you do not play does something, etc.

1.2. Example: Bob and Billy are in a fight because Bob has disrespected Billy. Billy cannot strike out and assume their attack makes contact with Bob unless the have a roll confirmation or permission from Bob's player. Additionally, another powerplay example is assuming a character reciprocates an action. Candice and Bob are having a conversation, and Bob decides he wants to kiss Candice. Again, without player permission, if Bob assumes a reaction from Candice (aka she liked it, recoiled, etc) is a tpye of power playing. If you're unsure, always ask the other player if you can do whatever it is that you'd like to include in the post and respect their answer!

2. Much to the previous rule, we also do not allow metaplaying as well.

2.1. Metaplaying is when a character knows information that they have not obtain through role play. Gossip is not considered metaplaying, but if you feel you may be toeing the line please verify if information about an event/character is publically known prior to assuming it.

2.2. Additionally, renowned characters (such as the baron/ess) are general knowledge. Their names are typically easily accessible knowledge and a character coming to a colony and asking for a leader by name is not considered metaplaying. In the same vein, if a character manages an amazing feat in a SWP they may also have some renown and their names would be general knowledge as passed through gossip.

2.3. That being said, any information on characters that do not meet the "renown" requirements must be discussed IC between characters and cannot be readily known.

3. Liquid time is allowed for characters to help ease the transition of events and travel. We ask that members try and keep some reasonable timeline while given this opportunity.

4. All in-character posts must be at least 250 words in length.

5. Please abide by the posting order in compliance to proper forum etiquette.

5.1. You may not respond to a thread with a "Post coming..." response or 'place holder'. Only completed posts can be applied to threads.

5.2. After a week with no response in a group thread a member may be skipped.

5.3. Please respect thread prefixes. If something is marked 'Private' do not respond to the thread if it was not intended specifically for you or your character.

6. OOC posts are not allowed in the IC forums. OOC messages are allowed in addition to your IC post but cannot be alone.

7. Open, unaffiliated territories are a free-for-all. Breedings, recruiting, birthings, etc... may happen there. You cannot, however, kill another character without the other roleplayer's explicit consent.

7.1. Barons hold the unique authority to initiate executions on those who break rules in their territory of governance.

7.1.1. For more information on barons and their jurisdiction, please see the Colonies tab.

8. If you want your character "claimed" or recruited, Bastion or other unaffiliated boards (Gloom Grotto, Waldenwood, etc) is typically the land that new Pathfinders and foreigners use to find colony members. For further aid, drop a link in the Open Threads channel in our Discord.

9. Other territories where the colonies reside (ie Tundra of Kur, Coast of Badur, Blacklands of Esentu, etc) have their own set of regulations specific to those realms as decided by their Barons. For information on those territories, go to that particular colony's holdings and inside will be a "rules" thread posted by the Governor with what is permitted there. If no rules are in place, then they cannot punish you for breaking any.

9.1. Characters who fail to follow those regulations (and they can choose not to follow them) consent to being at the mercy of the reigning barons, including banishment from the territory or death.

9.2. As previously mentioned, and to curate a realistic environment, those who consent to breaking colony law are at the mercy of the Baron/ess who rule them.

10. NPCs are welcomed and encouraged in your posts. Want your character to interact with a lookout or a gatherer? Go for it! The only discretion we ask is if you desire an NPC to be a part of another colony that directly effects political standing, please inquire to the Baron or a Baronet for prior permission.

11. Mentioning modern world phrases, countries, pop culture, or items in character speech (ei. Bob says to Bill "Hey, how abou them Red Sox?" or "You'll need a vacuum to clean up this mess") breaks the world lore and is highly discouraged. If you insist in including it in your writing, please do not be surprised if other characters do not understand what your character is referencing.


No matter if you're a hippology expert or new to the world of things equine, this section is here to help offer members basic knowledge on horse physiology, biology, and lingo! We're always open to submissions, so feel free to drop a question or need for clarification in Suggestions or the Help channel in our official Discord!

Resource Links

  • Horse Years vs Human Years Calculator
  • Coat Colors and Coat Genetics
  • Basic Horse Anatomy

    Key Terms

  • Mare: female horse or other equine animal
  • Stallion: male horse or other equine animal with the capabilties of producing offspring
  • Gelding: male horse or other equine animal that has been castrated and is unable to produce offspring
  • Colt: a young male horse
  • Filly: a young female horse
  • Foal: a newborn/young horse
  • Weanling: a foal that has been weaned from its mother's milk, roughly from 6 months old to a year
  • Yearling: a horse between the ages of one and two, not fully of mature adult stature or physicality
  • Pegasus: a mythical animal of equine descent featuring wings
  • Unicorn: a mythical animal of equine descent traditionally featuring a single horn on its forehead
  • Alicorn: a mythical animal of equine descent showcasing both wings and horns, a winged unicorn
  • Hand(s): unique term used to measure horses at the withers, standardly equally 4 inches, displayed in the unit of "hh" (hands high)
  • Flehmen: the curling of a horse's upper lip to facilitate scent inhalation
  • Trot: a horse's two beat gait proceeding at a faster pace than a walk but slower than a canter
  • Canter: three beat gait proceeding faster than a trot but slower than a gallop
  • Gallop: four beat gait, the fastest horse travel
  • Lame: when a horse exhibits an abnormal gait or stance as result to injury, malaity, deformation, or dysfunction

    Height and Measurement

  • Horses are measured in hands. Hands are followed by a period to include additional inches, such as 14.1hh, 14.2hh, or 14.3hh. Horse hands are never measured by the following: xx.4hh, xx.5hh, etc.
  • The average horse height is 15.2hh (~5'2"). Anything below 14.2hh is considered a pony, and all others above are considered horses.
  • The tallest horse recorded as of 2010 was 20hh.
  • All horses are measured to their withers


  • One horse year roughly equates to 6 1/2 human years
  • Mares/fillies reach sexual maturity as early as 2 years old, but the ideal age is 4 years of age before breeding
  • Stallions/colts reach full sexual matuirty roughly at the age of 3 years old
  • Horses are considered "seniors" at 15+ years of age, but modern medicine has helped improve nutrition and health so they live generally until 25-30 years
  • Arcana

    Fymm is a unique world bursting with potential and that potential isn't lost on the characters either. To help accomodate creativity and character canon, we allow all members to create their own distinct magic (aka 'arcana') for their characters. Discover a whole new realm of possibilities with magic as individual as the character that possesses it, and see just how it may be of use while uncovering the lost secrets of Fymm. Additionally, all characters also receive minor telekinesis. This allows them to handle tools, dress themselves, etc, but cannot be used for large feats such as moving trees or boulders. So don't worry about constructing an individual arcana that must incorporate an ability to utilize tools, we've got you covered!

    Much like your character's class, their Arcana levels as well. For example, characters from the start are at level one - their magic wouldn't be very powerful then, although it is still usable. Your storm manipulator wouldn't be calling hurricanes or tornadoes their first post on site since they aren't that strong just yet. But what if your characer had magic at birth? Simple! The research commission discovered upon entry that magical abilities are temporarily dampened upon entry - although the actual cause of such a feat is curently unknown. Think of it like attempting to ignire a lighter but all you get is sparks for a bit until finally you get the flame again, the dampening of magic works very similarly!


    1. Traditionally, Sorcerers are those who master the arcane arts of magic, but any class with at least 4 points in their Arcane skill can possess magic.

    1.1. By choosing to harness magic as any other class than Sorcerer, you forego the buffs of the Sorcerer class (ei you cannot receive the Arcane skill buffs)

    2. All arcana must keep to one theme. For example, a character cannot be a healer and a fire manipulator in one arcana set. But, they can heal with flames as long as the fire can't be utilized as a weapon. If you cannot come up with a magic you like, you can always check with the community in the Discord server or with a staff member privately!

    3. Characters can purchase a Keystone to unlock an additional arcana and these two magics may be unrelated in theme. That way, you can have a fire manipulator that also has healing magic.

    4. Characters are not required to have an arcana - those with and without powers are encouraged for diversity.

    6. Staff reserve the right to deny an arcana if they feel that it does not meet the requirements as followed but are not limited to: unrealistic abilities at the lower tier levels, failure to adhere to a single theme, power-playing based magic, or abuse of powers. Additionally, if members are found abusing the open magic system in their posts (posting outside of their character's abilities, claiming higher powers at lower levels, or etc) Staff reserve the right to execute affirmative action as they see fit including but not limited to warnings to temporary suspensions of a character.

    6.1. God-like abilities, such as matter manipulation (ability to manipulate all forms of matter), immortality, or invulnerability are absolutely prohibited. Staff reserve the right to determine whether they think a magic pushes the limits of mortal socerery and steps into the "god-like" realm of abilities.


    1. Once a character reaches the required post count for a level up they are free to proceed to the next level without review.

    2. For those whom purchase Keystones you must post in General Updates for approval of their arcana prior to moving forward.

    2.1. Those who purchase Keystones at a level higher than One are automatically grandfathered into that level of magical strength as well.

    3. Currently third arcanas or higher are prohibited.


    Striving to add a unique role-play experience and self-sufficient game style, characters upon creation have the ability to assign points to predetermined traits and select a class that best aligns with their play style! Do you have a soft spoken healer who prefers peace over power? Sorcerer is the choice for you! Do you have a battle hardy veteran still rearing to take on any opponent? Berserker or Battle Mage may be what you're looking for! Have a sleuth? Sneaking around silently unobserved? Infiltrator is the class for them!

  • Fortitude: The general strength and constitution of your character. This trait determines the success of physical attacks and blocks.
  • Agility: Your character's dexterity and nimbleness. This trait determines the success of your character's sneaks and dodges.
  • Arcane: How easily your character harnesses magic. This trait directly effects magical attacks and blocks.
  • Influence: You character's ability to outwit others and general speechcraft. This trait directly effects diplomacy and lying.
  • Overview

    1. Each character gets 20 points to apply to their traits (Fortitue, Agility, etc)

    1.1. Upon creation, points can be distributed however a member sees fit but the total must equal 20

    1.2. Characters cannot exceed a trait of 15 upon creation.

    2. Characters that want to possess a unique arcana must have at least 4 points in their Arcane trait

    3. Traits max out at 20 points

    3.1. Additional points can be added to your characters traits via SWP, random events, and leveling your class.

    4. Traits and class absolutely cannot be altered after creation unless a member purchases a 'Mid-Life Crisis' item from the Market.

    5. As of current, you cannot multi-class (a traditional tabletop game mechanic that, again, we did not include in this role-play)

    6. Just bescause your class is Berserker does not mean you cannot refer to you characer as something else - warrior, soldier, paladin, etc. Classes just offer an offical title for easier tracking

    7. Requirements that state a character cannot exceed a certain amount of points for a trait means that at creation they are unable to exceed the highest alloted skill point. Additional points given in events, SWPs, etc are allowed (they are rewards, afterall!)


    Leveling is simple. A character gathers experience by posting in the IC boards and acrues a post count. That post count is considered their "experience". The more experience (posts) they have, the higher their level can climb. Additionally, arcana levels along with the class. Post requirements for each level are:

  • Level One: 0 Posts, at Creation
  • Level Two: 25 Posts
  • Level Three: 50 Posts
  • Level Four: 100 Posts
  • Classes


    Bulk over brain, berserkers are the class meant for throwing their weight around to get things accomplished. They typically have a strength advantage over other characters and are suited best for physical combat or labor. For each level, a Berserker gets an additional point to Fortitude, making them dangerous foes in battle with their heavy, trained attacks and strategic blocks.

  • Fortitude of at least seven (7)
  • Arcane cannot exceed three (3)

    Level Four Buff:
  • Veteran: Once Bersekers reach level four, they only require four (4) successful hits to win a challenge.


    The magic users, healers, and occult, they choose their magical abilities to advance in the world. They don't rely on their strength in battles but their spells and charms, and affinity for arcana. With every level they achieve, their Arcane skill recieves an additional point, eventually creating dangerous mancers whose powers seem limitless.

  • Arcane of at least 7
  • Fortitude cannot exceed 3

    Level Four Buff:
  • Auto-Hit: During a challenge, SWP, etc, a Sorcerer may take a failed roll for a magical strike/attack and switch it to an automatic hit once (1) per challenge/event.


    Assassins, spies, sleuths... these infiltrators are the stealthy of the Pathfinders. Their greatest skill is their ability to remain unseen or unnoticed. With every achieved level, their Agility recieves an aditional point, eventually unleashing what could be best described as a living shadow.

  • Agility of at least 7
  • Fortitude cannot exceed 4

    Level Four Buff:
  • Camoflague: If they fail a roll during sneak, they're allowed one (1) reroll to see if they successfully hide the near-detection.

    Battle Magus

    Unlike their Sorcerer companions, Battle Mages can take hits while also dealing physical and magical blows. They combine brain and brawn for tactical advantages. When these characters level, the member can add a skill to either Fortitude or Arcana per level, but never both. Example: At level two Bob's player gives him an additional fortitude point. Level three he gets an additional arcane point. At level four the player gives him another fortitude point.

  • Fortitude of at least 6
  • Arcane of at least 6

    Level Four Buff:
  • Shield: Battle Magus are allowed one (1) additional dodge/block roll during challenges.


    Some have a way with words that is unparalleled to others. They gather crowds with natural charisma and can capture anyone's attention they see fit. Magisters traditionally are found in roles of authority where their speechcraft is best utilized. With every level these characters receive an additional Influence point.

  • Influence of at least 7
  • Fortitude cannot exceed 5

    Level Four Buff:
  • Diplomancy: As a level four buff, Magisters are allowed to roll to talk down another character from challenging them. Like every roll, they roll a d20 and if they succeed, they talk the other character down from the challenge.
  • Challenging

    1. Horses can be any age or gender to challenge for a colony, however, need a minimum of five (5) IC posts.

    1.1. Once a challenger has posted, the opposition has three (3) days to respond to the challenge. During the challenge, each member has three (3) days to respond to the latest post that is not their own. The fight ends when both opponents have used up all their attacks or a fourth (4) day progresses from the last response.

    2. Outsiders - any that are not the challenged or challengee - may never intervene with a challenge but may spectate.

    3. Hits and blocks/dodges are determined by dice roll. Dice rolls are rolled by the member in the designated Discord channel with public dice rolls to maintain the fair, random nature of rolling. Note: If you are a member without Discord please reach out to Spoupi or another staff member and we will accomodate you!

    3.1. Physical attacks (ei hoof, body, teeth, etc) are rolled for using your character's Fortitude trait.

    3.2. Magical attacks (ei the arcana is the weapon, not the body) are rolled using your character's Arcane trait.

    4. First character to 5 successful attacks wins the challenge.

    4.1. Each character can also try to block/dodge 2 successful hits if they so choose.

    4.1.1. Blocks utilize the Fortitude trait

    4.1.2. Dodges utilize the Agility trait.

    4.2. Additional dodges/blocks can be purchased from the Market or achieved through leveling.

    5. Characters can challenge for more than territory, including other characters, positions, to leave a colony, or for bragger's rights.

    6. Barons can be challenged and when challenged, they have the option of fighting themselves or have their Commander to represent them.

    7. After a Baron challenge is complete, the winner has a cool-down of 30 days.

    8. After a challenge for a higher rank (commander, spymaster, advisor, etc) is complete, the winner has a cool-down of 15 days.

    Battle Types

    There are four recognized battles here on Fymm and they are as follows:

    Barony Challenge (BC): An event surely most heroic when someone takes on a Baron for the leadership of a colony. They are one vs one dice rolled battles.

    Challenge (C): A challenge for a position, a character, for fun, or to settle a debt paid, these challenges are one vs one dice rolled battles.

    Spar/Battle (S): A plotted out interaction between any number of characters without required rolls (but members can roll for fun). Nothing can be physically gained from this except experience.

    Note:These battles do not need to be labelled as they are usually plotted or spur of the moment and nothing is gained from them (unless previously plotted by the players).

    War (W): A cataclysmic event between two (or more) colonies featuring more than five (5) characters per side with one baron from each side included. Mostly they are plotted out threads, however, they can be dice rolled and battle partners picked via staff intervention if the players so choose.

    To partake in any of these, a thread must be labeled as such (parentheses added for convenience) or stated clearly in your post.


    1. Sneaking can be done by a character of any age, gender, or rank.

    2. Sneaks, much like challenges, are initiated by the sneaker and the character they are stealing from or alternatively the Baron or predetermined Spymaster of the land they are sneaking into has 3 days to respond.

    2.1. If a Baron or Spymaster does not respond to the sneaker within the 3 days (72 hour) period, the sneak is automatically successful.

    3. Once responded to, each character has three days to respond to the previous post.

    4. Sneak success is determined by a dice roll based on your character's Agility.

    4.1. Barons and Spymasters that respond do not roll to find the sneaker.

    4.2. Barons and Spymasters locate/discover a sneaker on the sneaker's first failed roll.

    5. If a sneaker gets 2 successful sneak rolls they accomplish their sneak and can take whatever it is they were attempting to procure.

    6. Characters can sneak for other characters from colonies or to infiltrate a land they were previously banished from.


    Pathfinders (those without colony affiliation) can be stolen/taken. They respond to the sneaker themselves.

    7. Much like plotted challenges, "sneaks" can be pre-plotted between members and do not need dice rolls.

    7.1. If your character is a member of a colony and you want to plot a kidnapping, ensure you receive the Baron's player's permission as it does directly effect them.


    While any character may attempt a manipulation roll, those with high Influence are more apt to convince others to do their bidding. These unique mechanic can be used in a variety of ways as manipulating is quiet encompassing. Throw in a plot twist with the ability to utilize Manipulation in thread ranging from but not limited to: simple childhood dares, convincing someone to chase a love interest, trick another character into a trap or ambush, or even talk a character down from a cliff.

    1. A manipulation roll can be made once per thread.

    2. Manipulation rolls are based off of a character's Influence trait.

    3. Manipulation rolls are not allowed during sneaks or challenges.

    3.1. The only exception to this rule is a Level Four Magister's Diplomacy ability, which allows them to potentially talk down a challenger.

    4. The roll can be something as simple as a dare to eat a berry or more heinous. However, if your character is attempting to seduce, kidnap, or perform an illict act through manipulation the players must come to an amplicable agreement to proceed as such. No player can force another player into a manipulation that involves intimate acts or harm to the manipulated character without consent from the character's player.

    4.1. If a player explains they are uncomfortable with an intended manipulation that another player suggests due to it's illicit or dark nature the player's comfort must be adhered to. Failure to comply will result in immediate action from Staff as we see fit.

    5. As previously mentioned, any character may roll for manipulation, it is not only for character's of heightened Influence (much like any character can sneak or challenge).

    6. Manipulation rolls can be made in one-on-one threads or in groups. If a character succeeds in their manipulation roll, all other parties in that thread are then manipulated.


    Unlike mainstream rpgs, Fymm has taken inspiration for its site mechanics from tabletap games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc. Rather than relay on staff judgements, convaluted riddles, and human conscious to determine the success or failure of challenges, steals, and other site tools, we have decided to shift entirely to a roll based methods. By using dice rolls and character traits, we can cultivate a more realistic environment with character advantages and disadvantages, as well as help buffer characters in areas where they'd naturally excell based on development and story. Additionally, by using random number generators entirely, it creates an environment devoid of bias and ensures fairness.

    1. Rolls are done by the members for their own characters in all cases except when foal stats are required (unless members purchase Market items to design their foals). This includes challenges, sneaks, manipulations, class buffs, etc.

    2. All rolls take place in a public setting in the official Fymm discord, found in 'Gameplay', labelled "#rolling".

    2.1. If you do not have access to Discord, please reach out to the staff members and they can arrange making rolls for you and providing you the results.

    3. Roll success is based off of a characters traits, and the only die piece we roll is a twenty (20) sided die - or d20.

    3.1. The higher points for a trait, the higher the success rate for the rolls. If a character has a trait with 10 points, they essentiall have a 50/50 chance of success for every roll pertaining to that trait.

    4. When a member makes a roll, the number must be between one (1) and whatever number of skill points are assigned to a trait. In the case of a character with the Influence of eight (8), to be successful the roll must be from one to eight (1-8). Anything from nine to twenty (9-20) is considered a failure. In the case of a character with a Fortitude of fifteen (15), one through fifteen (1-15) would be a successful roll and sixteen through twenty (16-20) would be a failure.

    4.1. For an easy reminder, think of one (1) as a critical hit (success) and twenty (20) as a critical fail. This stands across the board, no matter the amount of skill points in a trait. 1 is always an absolute success and 20 is always an absolute failure.

    5. The only time that rerolls are allowed is if someone happens to acciently use a typo/wrong command (ei rolling a d10).

    How to Roll

    1. As mentioned, rolls take place in our official Fymm Discord. Only rolls from the "#rolling" channel can be applied to Fymm. Again, if you do not have Discord, please reach out to staff so we can arrange the best way for staff to roll for you.

    2. When making a roll, a member must CLEARLY specify what the roll is for with the trait's skill point at the time. An example: "Bob (Fortitude 5) to strike Billy in (Thread Name)", "Billy (Agility 3) to Dodge Bob in (Thread Name)", "Cindy (Agility 7) sneaking in (Thread Name)", or "Cindy (Influence 6) to manipulate Bob in (Thread Name)".

    2.1. Additionally, for sneaks and challenges specifically, it is best to keep track of how many successful rolls have been made either in the posts themselves or marked in the clarifying message prior to the official roll. Example: "Cindy (Agility 7) sneaking in (Thread Name) with 1 previous successful roll"

    2.2. If you see someone else rolling, wait until their roll is complete to make your own.

    3. After you've sent your clarifying message, you'll send a second Discord message in "#rolling" for the official roll. Our Discord bot, Yggdrasil, is our dice roller. The command is "--roll d20".

    4. There is absolutely no general discussion or reactions allowed in the official rolling area. It is meant for site mechanics only.


    1. Characters can freely breed/birth in the unaffiliated territories. Colony territories will depend upon the current baron's wishes.

    2. Absolutely no graphic breeding. Suggestive themes are allowed that include mindfulness to our 16+ year old age requirement, but you cannot role-play the actual duration of the act. We use "fade to black" on this site.

    2.1. There can be no content describing or naming reproduction organs of any kind or their reactions.

    2.2. Any content found breaking these rules will result in two (2) day ban.

    3. Characters must be of three (3) years of age to breed. Here is a link to compare horse years to human years.

    3.1. Any member found sexualizing an underage character in any kind will be faced with punishment anywhere between a temporary to permanent ban.

    3.1.1. This includes but is not limited to: grooming an underage character to be their sexual partner, finding physical attraction in an underage character, or fantasizing about an underage character

    3.1.2. Staff reserve the right to determine whether or not your content deserves temporary or permanent ban if a member attempts to write such content.

    3.2. Underage characters are welcome to have child crushes as long as there is a lack of intimate physical nature between them until they are of age (nuzzling, hugs, etc, are permitted)

    4. Breedings can only occur naturally between mares and stallions of breeding age.

    4.1. Mares may only give birth once per every IC year.

    4.2. Same-sex couples, non-binary, and single parents may purchase an item that allows for a magical pregnancy to occur from the Outpost.

    4.3.1. For non-binary couples or other parents using magical items, whatever character carried the child cannot carry another for one IC year.

    5. There must be an IC thread for a breeding. The only exclusion to this rule are character's where the Elixir of Conception is used for a single parent child.

    6. Once you have bred, please reply to Generations and all necessary stats will be rolled for by staff.

    7. The pregnancy will last 30 real time days. So on the 31st day, the mare may give birth.

    7.1. You may keep a character pregnant longer than this time frame with no consequence.

    8. Each season will have different rates of conception and birthing. Please note, if your character is infertile, then they still may not conceive even if the conception rate is 100%!

    ✿ Spring 90% conception rate | 80% survival
    ☀︎ Summer 80% conception rate | 90% survival
    ☁ Autumn 65% conception rate | 70% survival
    ❅ Winter 50% conception rate | 50% survival

    Foal Stats & Inheritance

    1. Unless an item is purchased, the staff will roll the basic stats for the foal.

    1.1. Items are available through the Market for members to design their own foals if they so wish.

    1.2. Stats are rolled in the same public rolling channel members use for their personal rolls.

    2 Arcana is determined by the member but whether that foal inherits arcana will be provided by the staff from a foal stat perspective.

    2.1. A parent without arcana decreases the ability for a foal to inherit it.

    2.1.1. Two non-arcana weilding parents cannot birth an offspring with arcana at birth. These foals may purchase a Keystone at a later date.

    2.1.2. If one parent has an arcana and another does not, there is a 50/50 split for the foal to inherit the ability to wield arcana. Again, a Keystone can be purchased at a later date if they have none at birth.

    3. Foals born on site are not required to have the history portion filled out on their profile at approval.


    The colonies are based on hierarchical ranks and serve the Commission as exploritory groups in areas of high interest. There are several different roles to play within the colonies and each serves an entirely different purpose. All colonies are required to follow these ranks reflected on their accounts. However, in character the barons and characters can refer to the ranks however they please. The current site recognized ranks are as follows:

    Baron/ess: (Max 2 Per Colony) Colonies are led by these individuals with the rights to preside over the colonies as their ruler. This status can only be acquired through role-play.

    Baronet/ess: (1 Per Colony) Heirs are chosen by the Barons, and may be of blood relation or not. They will succeed the Baron after they step down or pass.

    Regent: (1 per Colony) When the Barons are otherwise indisposed, Regents take the command. They work closely with the ruling parties, and are always ready to take the reins of a colony should their leaders fail them. Regent can only be acquired through role-play.

    Advisor (Max 2 per Colony) What are Barons without Advisors? While Regents may be their second in command, Advisors stand by whenever their leaders are in need of guidance or need to discuss economic or political affairs. It isn't uncommon for advisors to take on smaller tasks Baron's don't have time for, such as hearing the opinions of their colony, addressing other colonies on minor matters, and so forth. It is suggested having higher Influence when being an Advisor. Only obtainable through role-play.

    Nobles: Nobles are named by a colony's Baron and can obtain the title by whatever means their leader sees fit. Commonly, family members without any real authority (children other than the Baronet/ess, passed Barons, etc) receive the Noble title. But this title knows no bounds - any and all can be a Noble if their Baron so chooses.

    Commander: (1 Per House) A soldier above all infantry, the Commander leads all warriors beneath a Colony's banner. They are the chief, general, or commander of the militaristic forces and guard. They work closely with the Baron, Regent, and Advisors. It is not uncommon for them to accompany the Barons whenever they attend meetings, or protect them at public events. Commanders may also serve in the place of a Baron if their health, or other personal circumstances, keep them from a challenge. It is suggested having higher Fortitude when being a Commander. Only obtainable through role-play.

    Spymaster: (1 Per House) A spy above all spies, the Spymaster is the leader of all intel based forces in a colony. If Barons are indisposed, or have other personal circumstances, Spymasters can stand in for them durng sneaks attempts against the colony. It is suggested that a character with high Agility or Inflience take this role. Only obtainable through role-play.

    Infantry: They are the guards and protectors of each Colony, and stand between their authority and any outside forces that wish them ill-will. Infantry can be assigned by any of the ranks from Baron to Commander, and is only obtainable through role-play. It is suggested having higher Fortitude when being Infantry.

    Spy Where the Infantry protect the Barons, some say the Spies protect the Colony. These select few gather information where needed and have an ear to the ground at all times. Rather than reporting to the Commander, spies report directly to the Spymaster, Advisors, Regents, or Barons (or whoever else they see fit). It is suggested to have higher Agility when being a spy. Obtainable only through role-play.

    Icebreakers/Bonecarvers/Coastdivers: Every colony needs a primary force and loyalists to maintain those in power. Commoner status is open for any interested and is the lowest rung on the colony's proverbial ladder, but are the backbone to the research coalitions goals in the Dominions. Those residing in Badur are referred to as Coastdivers. Esentu commonfolk call themselves Bonecarvers. In the North, Kur's collective are referred to as Icebreakers. The term also encompasses all ranks when referring to the body of equine as a whole (ei: Bonecarvers of Esentu, Coastdivers of Badur, etc)

    Pathfinders: It isn't a requirement to join a colony. Those who wish to forge their own path through the new world are referred to as Pathfinders. They have the ability to move freely throughout the realm (where borders are open) and reside primarily in Bastion.


    1. Pathfinder equines may join any colony of their choosing but they must be accepted by an existing member.

    2. Barons have the ability to establish rules within their colonies that all members and neutral Pathfinders must abide to.

    2.1. Additionally, breaking these rules puts you at the mercy of the Baron.

    2.3. These colony rules are not required and are optional. But rules cannot be enforced upon members/Pathfinders without officially being posted.

    3. Barons and Regents can be of any age or gender.

    3.1. With this in mind, beware that a youthful baron may be challenged by a veteran adult. It is a risk taken when the role is taken on.

    3.2. For a Commander to fight or a Spymaster to search in the place of the Baron, the Commander/Spymaster must be previously appointed prior to a challenge/sneak being initiated.

    3.2.1. Regents may also fight/search in the place of an absent/disposed leader, but must also be previously appointed prior to a challenge/sneak being initiated.

    3.3. The only time it is applicable for a Commander or Regent to fight rather than the Baron is: the role-player of the baron has posted an absence and is away or the baron explicitly declares that the challenger must fight their (previously appointed before the challenge) stand-in instead.

    3.3.1. A baron cannot make a challenge face a stand-in and the baron. Either a Baron defends themselves, or they have a single party fight for them.

    4. Barons are allowed to impart any form of kingdom they wish with their colony. Here on Fymm, the colonies conform to the baron.


    Map coming soon...


    When the Research Commission landed on the shore of Fymm, they were met with a stunning guise of familiarity that almost concealed the remarkable qualities beneath it. While the primary wilds of the continent follow traditional biology, most still found in our modern world, pocket areas still throw researchers into headspins. Biomes don't seem to behave as they typically would in this world... to the North - clearly not the furthest north one can explore - a wicked tundra blankets thousands of acres in fresh white. To the southeast, blacklands - literal estate of pitch soil - grows thorned vines of crimson that scale monstrous bones, eerily similar in appearance to veins. Yet still through these incredible natural feats, Fymm is still touched by the four seasons. Most easily identified in the Waldenwood or Bastion, snow falls across a vast expanse during the winter months while spring brings fresh rains and the scent of budding flowers.

    Ruins of an old civilization lay crumbling underneath nature's all-consuming power. Primitive in nature with their mostly geometric architecture and lack of tools, whatever creatures once lived here hadn't the length of time to progress technologically. Still yet their is elegance found in the carvings and columns, so much so that the Research Commission has decided to restore them to their former glory. Etchings literal every ruin, depicting animals that seem to mirror the lands themselves: some familiar, while others alien.

    Local Fauna

    Sighting Legend: C - Common | UnC - Uncommon | R - Rare | L - Legendary

    There are various species your characters can find while roaming the continent - and some still undiscovered! Any fauna labelled as Common or Uncommon can be introduced into posts through role-players without Staff approval. Rare animals may be introduced with permission from Staff, and anything labeled legendary cannot be introduced freely into threads.

  • Whitetail Deer (C) - Waldenwood, Tundra of Kur
  • Common Moose (UnC) Waldenwood, Tundra of Kur
  • Elk (C) - Tundra of Kur
  • Grizzly Bear (UnC) - Waldenwood, Tundra of Kur
  • Black Bear (C) - Waldenwood, Tundra of Kur
  • Wolves (C) - Everywhere
  • Dire Wolves (R) - Everywhere
  • Weasel (C) - Waldenwood, Blacklands of Esentu
  • Mink (UnC) - Waldenwood, Blacklands of Esentu
  • Mammoth (UnC) - Tundra of Kur
  • Krakken (L) - Coast of Badur
  • Gryphon (L) - Unknown
  • Dragons (L) - Unknown
  • Species


    Spiritborne are children touched by the Spirits or Gods in the womb. This usually happens without knowledge of the mother or father, and is always a surprise upon birth. These few and far between possess a number of unique qualities and mastery of arcana. Perhaps the most notable feature their spirit-relations provide them are their increased lifespans. Spiritborne have lived as long as 40 to 60 years, depending on an individual basis. They are also unaffected by common mortal illnesses such as colds or infection. Of most, they have a keen adeptness at channeling their arcana.

  • Spirit/God affiliation must be mentioned in Additional info of profile
  • Must be local born
  • Must always have arcana – spiritborne cannot be born/created without the ability Advantages:
  • Spiritborne are born at the Apprentice level of the Arcana Tier and do not need to complete an Arcana Quest to do so
  • Can naturally ascend to Virtuoso without Tier Up item
  • Species eliminates one requirement per tier to level up (3 for Adept, 5 for Master, and 6 for Virtuoso)
  • Longer lifespans
  • Immune to common illnesses and infections

  • Equine

    The noble steed, the epitome of elegance and power, the equine of the Slidr River Valle match those we are familiar with in this world and others. Their appearance comes in all shapes and sizes. They can be winged, horned, clawed, bald, scaled, or blind. While their appearances may be fantastical and unbridled, they are the most common species of denizen – and all new comers!

  • Cannot exceed 20hh Advantages:
  • Can lack arcana

  • Fae

    Delicate and petite, Fae are a native species that may seem frail and weak but are proficient with their Arcanum prowess. At a max height of 13.4hh, always winged, and wispy/thin in conformation, this species is thought to originate from the Bifrost. Tales say that a lone witch revered the great tree with such fever that one day a fabled seed fell from the aloft branches, and from it the Bifrost granted her four fae children to care for. All Fae have a keen grasp of their Arcanum, but not so much as the Spiritborne.

    Limited amounts of Fae are permitted and are currently open for creation.

  • Cannot be taller than 13.4hh at max
  • Must have wings from the withers
  • Overall lean confirmation Advantages:
  • Species eliminates one requirement per tier to level up (3 for Adept, 5 for Master, and 6 for Virtuoso)
  • Can lack arcana

  • Half-Giants

    The descendants of Sleipnir, these lumbering beats tower a minimum of 18hh and have been known to top out at a maximum of 26hh. The infamous God mount is known for seducing mares of all ranks and cursing them to carry his children. These herculean horses grow faster and stronger than any other species of the Valley, reaching maturity and adulthood physique within a single year. The quickness of their aging and purity of their strength is ultimately their downfall. Unlike their sire, they are usually short lived (10 years), infertile, and are half-wit. Further differences from their esteemed sire are their general lack of ability to produce or harness any form of arcana (unless provided by a site plot).

  • Must have a height between 18hh-26hh
  • Cannot have any form of arcana
  • Cannot purchase Soft Arcana items from outpost
  • Cannot be of average to high intelligence Advantages:
  • Incredible brute strength
  • Physical advantage over mass populace
  • Research Commission

    Coming soon...

    History Unfolds

    Chapter 1

    Current Chapter

    A home ravaged and destroyed by the World Serpant, Jörmungandr, the Slidr River Valley denizens are led and rescued by the Bifrost. It uses the last of its magic to thrust them through rifts and into a new world, Fymm, where a research commission steadily works are revitalizing the lost and decrepit ruins of yesteryear. The scholars and explorers are eager to help the refugees, but a member by the name of Basanti knows when opportunity knocks. She inquires their leaders to join their cause, to colonize and lead in areas of interest that they have yet to do so themselves. Will the leaders answer her plea?

    Accepting the responsibilities as the Three Founders, Andante, Antiope, and Bones accept Baronies over Tundra of Kur, Coast of Badur, and Blacklands of Esentu respectively. For now, it seems, the Slidr River Valley denizens have survived the turmoil of Jörmungandr. What remains of their home is to be seen, but the Commission seems elated and grateful for the refugees presence. Their kindness seems limitless, and the arrival of the sovereign in such a time of need for the Commssion almost coincedental. Had the Bifrost known?

    There is little else left for the denizens to accomplish besides exploration and recruiting. Perhaps this home will serve them better in the years to come.

    Chapter Threads

  • I am Become Death
  • I am Become Life

    Progress Requirements

  • Barons assigned to Badur, Esentu, and Kur ✔︎
  • Four (4) threads in all Fymm boards
  • 6 faction members per colony

    Chapter 2

    Next Chapter

    Unlock all requirements of the previous chapter to start the next.

  • Research

    Unlocked with Chapter 2. Want to help get us there? Check out the requirements in our Events page.


  • The Wanderer

    Coming soon!

  • Basanti

    Coming soon!

  • Rork

    Coming soon!

  • Credits

    The original site concept, Fimbulvetr, was created and developed by Spoupi and ScrimpytheShrimp originally in 2014, under the name of Twists n' Turns with the current owner of Spoupi. Over the course of several years prior, we painstakingly dug through our inspirations (Norse Mythos, classic fairy tales, old school rpgs) to help create an immersive, unique experience. Of course, we've come a long way since Proboards, including another rendition on Jcink, until we got to this point. None of this work could have been done alone. Our beautiful, current theme was designed and coded by Eshye and our out-of-this-world host is Kaons Hosting.

    As always, it is a long journey to get anywhere in this world. Special shout outs to the absolutely wonderful Isoldehn for helping to bring Fimbulvetr to life in MyBB all those years ago! Without her we couldn't have come this far and Fim's success owes itself largely to her assistance over the course of her hosting. Additionally, a shoutout (and endorsement) to Saperlie for our previous themes, Solitude (Plato, Georgia, and Valiance). Without her innovation and creativity some aspects and mechanics of Fimbulvetr would have never been realized.

    Thank you. All of you.

    The current concept, Fymm aka Fim v2.0, is the brain child of Spoupi. Heavily inspired for a more self automated, dynamic, member-driven system, she temporarily closed Fimbulvetr and developed, created, and delivered the first version of Fymm in a few short months, reopening in August of 2019. This tabletop, Sumerian, and Mayan culture inspired realm owes itself to the members who dedicated and made Fimbulvetr a wonderful place to thread and commune with like minded individuals. Without the community that supported the original concept and Spoupi throughout the creative process none of this could have been realized. Each and every one of you, from old to new, should pat yourselves on the back.

    You're the reason we made it this far.

    Header Images

    I would like to take a moment to personally thank all artists for their astounding skills in creating the pieces used in Fim's headers and additionally extend gratitude to our members whom offered their images of their characters for use. Truly the headers, and therefore the themes inspired by them, help cultivate the beautiful site we get to see every day!

  • Ragnorak by Charlie--x
  • Keep to the Shadows by Daelynnn
  • Pathfinder by VeerDesigns

    Board Image Credits

    All current board images were found by free image source Unsplash. We thank all artists who uploaded and created such an amazing plethora of resources that was paramount in creating the environment of Fimbulvetr. Individual credits are listed below.

  • Bastion by Cezar Sampaio
  • Coast of Badur by Dan Preindl
  • Blacklands of Esentu by Buzz Anderson
  • Tundra of Kur by Derek Oyen
  • Waldenwood by Ed Van Duijn
  • Gloom Grotto by Dan Mooij
  • Travel by Marek Brzóska
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