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Gloom Grotto

The last of the initial lands to be discovered, the Gloom Grotto is a hidden labyrinth within the lands of Fymm, sleeping below the rest of the continent. Vast, winding tunnels burrow deep into the terra firma below, illuminated infrequently by glowing fungi, mosses, and, at times, gemstones. If it were not for the dim lighting, typically hazy and blue, and the dank moisture hanging in the tunnels one could argue that Gloom Grotto was... beautiful. But the air is dismal, somehow thick. It seems with every step taken the waking world is left behind, and while it may fill one with trepidation, a strange sense of calm and luring pulls Pathfinders deeper into the tunnels. The entirety of the grotto has yet to be explored, but the initial sweep discovered various entry points spanning across Fymm; some well hidden, others still more obvious. If Waldenwood is the heart, then Gloom Grotto is the veins.

Maze-like in a literal sense, it is difficult to traverse the grotto without experiencing disorientation. The pitch darkness is devouring, and even the most skilled of navigators find the magical pull tugging at their hooves confusing their inner compass. There are stories of Pathfinders becoming lost down in the subterranean tunnels, vanishing for days without word until finally they re-emerge from the depths. They speak of great temples built deep into the earth, of depthless ponds and lakes hidden in these secret catacombs, and of great statues. Unfortunately, many were too startled to return, afraid of becoming lost again, so there are little records to the location, meaning, and purpose of these illusive underground edifices.

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