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Also referred to as the "heart" of Fymm, Waldenwood is a vast expanse of beautiful forest. Leaves from lime to teal great a colorful, stained glass-like canopy that offers shade during sunny Summer days and stunning vistas during the cooler Autumn months. The trees, slowly categorized by the Commission, are unique in their appearance while remaining familiar to many who seek refuge in their branches. The bark is untraditional, not wrinkled as if ancient but smooth and speckled with smaller knots. Their branches twist and wind almost vine like, their leaves varying in shade and size across the high boughs. Botanists with the research coalition date the forest to ancient times, seeing as some of the timber stretches skyward at considerable heights while smaller, younger trees grow beneath them. Many Pathfinders fly above the primary canopy or use winged companions to navigate the thousands of square miles the forest expands, for it is terribly labyrinth-like once one has lost their way.

Due to the breadth and height of the trees, the forest floor is left barren with little ground coverage. Wild strawberries thrive in clearings where some sun breaks through the great ceiling of leaves, and at times ferns wager a fight for nutrients and sprinkle the territory. Most common, however, are the mushrooms. Various sizes, colors, and species grow on the trees, the fallen logs, around the ferns, or with the strawberries. They offer a thick, earthen scent to the forest that overwhelms the otherwise sweet aroma of the trees vibrant leaves and ground berries. And, curious still, the trees may seem the most astonishing, but a quick visit during twilight quickly debunks this belief. When the sun sleeps and the moon rises, the mushrooms and moss of the wood grow brilliant aqua and fluorescent green. Fireflies dance along with their ambient glow, mesmerized by the colors and patterns that stretch through the forest.

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