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Tundra of Kur

The verdant, lush fields surrounding Waldenwood cascade into tundra grasslands the further north a Pathfinder travels. Colorful petals slowly fade as endless winds sweep through fertile steppes of rugged foliage and beginning of rocky spines. While the foyer is still green, slopping blue mountains and their snow caps loom along the horizon in a chilling reminder of what trials await, but it is the last of the tests they will face here. Hilled fields and rocky crag funnel pathfinders towards the remote peaks of Kur, until finally the natural wall of rock seems to end abruptly and a vast, white canvas of howling winds stands before them. These howling open fields of snow and ice are barren, broken only by breaks in the glacier landscape where ice plateaus jut skyward or fall into the the terra below, creating precarious landscapes that fool unsuspecting and weary travelers. There is little coverage from the biting zephyrs and even less tree or foliage to sustain empty bellies. Who would ever forge a colony here? It is in this singing expanses that one enters the land of the Icebreakers.

Their home, a forgotten temple, resides on the northern most shore where jutting ice rises from the frost in thorns. Their glistening, sinister points wink in the eternal winter sunlight as travelers make their long journey through fields of open snow in a haunted greeting. The temple itself has been forged from the ice itself, spiraling in one of the largest spires. Where everything else in the tundra is sharp, harsh, and foreboding, once the Icebreakers and Pathfinders enter the temple the world softens. Domed ceilings refract and glimmer with the sunlight that hits the exterior of the spire, bringing in muted natural light into the interior. Winding but gradual staircases spiral through the massive ice formation as it crawls up towards the top to an open antechamber. The ice walls are thin, allowing a distorted but nearly-clear view of the surrounding areas: the massive wastelands of snow and the open ocean filled with sleepy ice flows to the north. Carvings of unidentified creatures and arctic beasts decorate the heftier of the columns in supporting the top of the spire, their origin still unknown to the Commission.

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