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Despite the weathered, bleary stone faces of the arches and the lichen growing along the cracked and nearly buried paths, Bastion serves as the primary location for the research and exploratory collective while they pursue the new world. Efforts have already helped to restore portions of the column-based city, centralized in the coliseum epicenter dubbed the Acropolis. Waterways sparkle along the road edges while aqueducts rise overhead, offering a glittering aerial view for the winged pathfinders visiting Bastion. Each day it seems more and more of the empty pavilions fill with shop keeps, workers, and scholars looking to understand the secrets of Fymm and help bolster the infrastructure.

In some areas the city, particularly where the commission works daily, have been entirely restored. Major roads, edged by the trickling water inlets, shine in the sunlight and moonlight where it was lined with a top layer of crushed oyster shell and mother-of-pearl. Even the roof of the Acropolis is dusted with this glimmering, ancient luxury and offering an almost affluent light to the city. The original architect seemed conscious of direction when layout out these nacre roads as they point perfect north, perfect south, and so on. Aqueducts rise above the roads to draw water where necessary, offering another shimmering facet to this gem-like city and creating ease of resources, and colorful tapestries hang between the columns to create airy, soft spaces between shops and living spaces. But there is still a ways to go despite the hustle and bustle of the city. Moss and ivy still cling desperately to the outer rings of the compass-like city, and some columns have yet to be righted and restored.

But who better to help them, then the pathfinders?

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