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12.31.19 Fymm hopes that everyone had a wonderful holiday celebrating with their families this month! We remind everyone to be safe this New Year's Eve and hope you all ring in the new year exactly as you had planned - be it staying in, going out, or snoozing. Happy holidays, and here's to 2020, FymmFam!

10.07.19 The Absences page is back up an running thanks to a dear friend, Tay/isoldehn! Give her a thanks if you see her around and be sure to check it out in case you're thinking of taking a much needed vacation. Additionally, the Mandates has been updated with ammendments to the OOC section - look for the new Activity section - concerning extended member absences. Please take some time to review these newly outlined Mandates to ensure compliance as well as understanding how it may effect your game play. Additionally, we've added a new section: Equine, for our non-equestrian members who want to know a little more about horses, how they work, and biology!

8.10.19 We're hosting another Activity Check! Please ensure you respond to keep your accounts and information safe from the inevitable purge. This check closes August 31st.

8.02.19 It elates me to welcome everyone to the soft opening! Please, look around, requaint yourself with the Mandates. Read more for additional details.

6.09.19 Changes are on the horizon - some small, others rather extensive. What does this mean for Fim? Read more to find out.

5.25.19 What's this, what's this, there's a new theme painted 'pon the walls? That's right! As a late, belated birthday present to Fimbulvetr for turning one year old, we have a brand new theme! Perhaps you were wondering what all those updates were for? Well, now you know. Thank you to the wonderful Eshye for her skills!

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12.31.19 Looks like some pesky Commission apprentices are up to no good and took celebrations into their own hooves! Fireworks are raining over Bastion. (Read more!)

11.3.19 Thank you everyone who participated in our first Autumnal Affair! It was a smashing success despite some minor kinks in our Random Event plugin. Keep a look out for more site wide holidays in the near future as we make our way towards winter - arriving November 12th!

10.21.19 Kur is hosting a costume party! Grab your best garb and head on over - there are even prizes!

10.01.19. Usher in the spooky season by celebrating with your fellow Fymmians in the Autumanl Affair! All posts made on Fymm soil includes a chance to collect the illusive event currency that can be turned in for fun prizes. Want to know more? Check out our News section.

08.15.19. The final act of the transition SWP has been posted! Take a moment to congratulate our Three Founders, and first barons: Antiope of Badur, Bones of Esentu, and Andante of Kur. All Fimbulvetr characters may now post throughout the world of Fymm, and start exploring to unlock the requirements for our next chapter! (Read more!)

08.02.19. Jörmungandr is devouring the Valley! Quickly, everyone! Race to the Bifrost for safety - and what's this... Blinding light? (Read more!)

5.26.19. Heralds call the denizens to House meetings! The Vromme Soveriegn Bones calls to arms as a missing child has been plucked form their very kingdom, and Ambrosius Sovereign Antiope beckons her House to prepare for the Vinter ahead - both for survival and pleasure.

5.06.19. Tremors shake the Slidr River Valley time and time again... simply tiny earthquakes? Or something much more heinous...

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    The New World


    Despite the weathered, bleary stone faces of the arches and the lichen growing along the cracked and nearly buried paths, Bastion serves as the primary location for the research and exploratory collective while they pursue the new world. Efforts have already helped to restore portions of the column-based city, centralized in the coliseum epicenter dubbed the Acropolis. Waterways sparkle along the road edges while aqueducts rise overhead, offering a glittering aerial view for the winged pathfinders visiting Bastion. Each day it seems more and more of the empty pavilions fill with shop keeps, workers, and scholars looking to understand the secrets of Fymm and help bolster the infrastructure.

    In some areas the city, particularly where the commission works daily, have been entirely restored. Major roads, edged by the trickling water inlets, shine in the sunlight and moonlight where it was lined with a top layer of crushed oyster shell and mother-of-pearl. Even the roof of the Acropolis is dusted with this glimmering, ancient luxury and offering an almost affluent light to the city. The original architect seemed conscious of direction when layout out these nacre roads as they point perfect north, perfect south, and so on. Aqueducts rise above the roads to draw water where necessary, offering another shimmering facet to this gem-like city and creating ease of resources, and colorful tapestries hang between the columns to create airy, soft spaces between shops and living spaces. But there is still a ways to go despite the hustle and bustle of the city. Moss and ivy still cling desperately to the outer rings of the compass-like city, and some columns have yet to be righted and restored.

    But who better to help them, then the pathfinders?

    Till then I'll just prete... by Baraqel, Yesterday @ 08:04 PM

    Coast of Badur

    Picturesque and sprawling, the Coast of Badur serves as the most Eastern realm of the new world. It's white sandy beaches roll along the sea in miles of dunes, glimmering and shimmering in the sun's dappled light. Seashells of various colors sparkle along the coastline in a reminder that color lays within the world around us. Most popular are the oysters off shore in which the old architects of Bastion used to create the mother-of-pearl road ways and decorations. But the nacre texture of the great streets is a small support when compared to the sprawling bay that cuts through the coast and into the commission's home base. This bay, deep and rich with an abundance of coral reef and fish, sits within Badur's borders despite being heavily occupied by neutral pathfinders and prowling ships. Some would say that it put the coastline at a great advantage - always aware of the ins and out of the snake's head. Looming rock faces hang along the shore, some cascading in natural arches into the ocean where they meet with the rich reef beneath the waves, creating an ocean side labyrinth of rock-face and sub-tropic vegetation.

    But it isn't the bay nor the brilliant sapphire-and-teal waters that beckons the most attention in Badur. Forgotten ruins sit, nestled in the arm of a small peninsula, sandstone pillars pierce through the frothy sea's surface and command the eyes of all those near. True, the waves have diminished the former glory, but much like the rest of Fymm nothing is ever entirely lost to time with the right amount of effort. This dias-like structure, commonly referred to as the Keep of Badur, sits partially submerged in the great toiling sea's waters. Shimmering, nacre floors rival the beauty of Bastion with their intricacy. Dark shades of gloom irridesense borders golden and blue pearl in dazzling patterns that the deep blue of the sea can't stifle. Some of these intricacies can be found along the archways and staircases to the elevated second floor. Weathered carvings in the columns sit spying on the equine who explore here, lost to the salt spray of the sea, just waiting for their mystery to be revealed.

    to start again by Poppy, 12-28-2019 @ 02:37 AM

    Tundra of Kur

    The verdant, lush fields surrounding Waldenwood cascade into tundra grasslands the further north a Pathfinder travels. Colorful petals slowly fade as endless winds sweep through fertile steppes of rugged foliage and beginning of rocky spines. While the foyer is still green, slopping blue mountains and their snow caps loom along the horizon in a chilling reminder of what trials await, but it is the last of the tests they will face here. Hilled fields and rocky crag funnel pathfinders towards the remote peaks of Kur, until finally the natural wall of rock seems to end abruptly and a vast, white canvas of howling winds stands before them. These howling open fields of snow and ice are barren, broken only by breaks in the glacier landscape where ice plateaus jut skyward or fall into the the terra below, creating precarious landscapes that fool unsuspecting and weary travelers. There is little coverage from the biting zephyrs and even less tree or foliage to sustain empty bellies. Who would ever forge a colony here? It is in this singing expanses that one enters the land of the Icebreakers.

    Their home, a forgotten temple, resides on the northern most shore where jutting ice rises from the frost in thorns. Their glistening, sinister points wink in the eternal winter sunlight as travelers make their long journey through fields of open snow in a haunted greeting. The temple itself has been forged from the ice itself, spiraling in one of the largest spires. Where everything else in the tundra is sharp, harsh, and foreboding, once the Icebreakers and Pathfinders enter the temple the world softens. Domed ceilings refract and glimmer with the sunlight that hits the exterior of the spire, bringing in muted natural light into the interior. Winding but gradual staircases spiral through the massive ice formation as it crawls up towards the top to an open antechamber. The ice walls are thin, allowing a distorted but nearly-clear view of the surrounding areas: the massive wastelands of snow and the open ocean filled with sleepy ice flows to the north. Carvings of unidentified creatures and arctic beasts decorate the heftier of the columns in supporting the top of the spire, their origin still unknown to the Commission.

    in humbler confidence we ... by Andante, 11-24-2019 @ 08:58 PM


    Also referred to as the "heart" of Fymm, Waldenwood is a vast expanse of beautiful forest. Leaves from lime to teal great a colorful, stained glass-like canopy that offers shade during sunny Summer days and stunning vistas during the cooler Autumn months. The trees, slowly categorized by the Commission, are unique in their appearance while remaining familiar to many who seek refuge in their branches. The bark is untraditional, not wrinkled as if ancient but smooth and speckled with smaller knots. Their branches twist and wind almost vine like, their leaves varying in shade and size across the high boughs. Botanists with the research coalition date the forest to ancient times, seeing as some of the timber stretches skyward at considerable heights while smaller, younger trees grow beneath them. Many Pathfinders fly above the primary canopy or use winged companions to navigate the thousands of square miles the forest expands, for it is terribly labyrinth-like once one has lost their way.

    Due to the breadth and height of the trees, the forest floor is left barren with little ground coverage. Wild strawberries thrive in clearings where some sun breaks through the great ceiling of leaves, and at times ferns wager a fight for nutrients and sprinkle the territory. Most common, however, are the mushrooms. Various sizes, colors, and species grow on the trees, the fallen logs, around the ferns, or with the strawberries. They offer a thick, earthen scent to the forest that overwhelms the otherwise sweet aroma of the trees vibrant leaves and ground berries. And, curious still, the trees may seem the most astonishing, but a quick visit during twilight quickly debunks this belief. When the sun sleeps and the moon rises, the mushrooms and moss of the wood grow brilliant aqua and fluorescent green. Fireflies dance along with their ambient glow, mesmerized by the colors and patterns that stretch through the forest.

    hearts are beating by Viviana, 12-09-2019 @ 10:35 PM

    Gloom Grotto

    The last of the initial lands to be discovered, the Gloom Grotto is a hidden labyrinth within the lands of Fymm, sleeping below the rest of the continent. Vast, winding tunnels burrow deep into the terra firma below, illuminated infrequently by glowing fungi, mosses, and, at times, gemstones. If it were not for the dim lighting, typically hazy and blue, and the dank moisture hanging in the tunnels one could argue that Gloom Grotto was... beautiful. But the air is dismal, somehow thick. It seems with every step taken the waking world is left behind, and while it may fill one with trepidation, a strange sense of calm and luring pulls Pathfinders deeper into the tunnels. The entirety of the grotto has yet to be explored, but the initial sweep discovered various entry points spanning across Fymm; some well hidden, others still more obvious. If Waldenwood is the heart, then Gloom Grotto is the veins.

    Maze-like in a literal sense, it is difficult to traverse the grotto without experiencing disorientation. The pitch darkness is devouring, and even the most skilled of navigators find the magical pull tugging at their hooves confusing their inner compass. There are stories of Pathfinders becoming lost down in the subterranean tunnels, vanishing for days without word until finally they re-emerge from the depths. They speak of great temples built deep into the earth, of depthless ponds and lakes hidden in these secret catacombs, and of great statues. Unfortunately, many were too startled to return, afraid of becoming lost again, so there are little records to the location, meaning, and purpose of these illusive underground edifices.

    burn your kingdom down by Mathis, 01-02-2020 @ 01:21 PM


    Ships come and go from Fymm in fleets, bringing in as many new pathfinders as others leave. But, of course, they can always return. But sometimes a new place refreshes the mind, offers escape, or allows for privacy. Explore what lays behind the seas and across the continent with unhindered travel by whatever means you desire. The borders of Fymm are open always, and travel is encouraged. Travel back through mists of the sea back to the devastated realm of the Slidr River Valley, return to a homeland for closure, or perhaps pick a random path and see where it leads.

    Way Up She Rises, Early i... by Roland, 01-06-2020 @ 05:46 PM

    Supplementary Tomes


    A designated area for our members to create, foster, and maintain their own character logs. Keep track of threads, event currency, and any other information in your very own corner of Fymm! Please, only one log per Player Account.
    ─our temple, your tomb by Euryale, 01-09-2020 @ 11:53 PM


    Tables, pixels, art, oh my! Whether you're looking for art, testing your new coding, or are offering an artistic service this is the location to set up shop. All shops, sales, or the like located in this board should only be for on-site currency.
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